Product Documentation

NI offers complete product documentation—including manuals, getting started guides, and specifications—to help you learn how to install, set up, configure, and use NI hardware and software.

Documentation Types and Descriptions

General and Usage

NI provides a variety of documentation in different formats. Some products deliver documentation as PDFs, while others offer online help, web-based help, or a combination of these types. Information in these documents includes conceptual, reference, and procedural information that you can use to learn more about your product and how to be successful with it. 


You can locate all documentation available for a product by searching from this page with the hardware model or software edition.

User Manuals

Information about the product and its features, technical and programming concepts, programming reference and syntax information, operating instructions, and more.


Getting Started

Steps to unpack, install, configure, and validate that your NI hardware and software are working as intended.


Hardware Specifications

Technical descriptions of operating conditions and requirements, physical characteristics, test and measurement capabilities, performance, tolerances, and durability.


Calibration Procedures

Instructions on how to complete the performance verification and adjustment of your instrument.


Readmes and Release Notes

Version-specific information for NI software and drivers, including the NI hardware supported in each driver release, known issues, and bug fixes. 


Extended Compatibility

Supported versions of hardware and software relative to other NI or third-party products. 


Supplemental Documentation

Additional information that you may need to use a specific NI product or group of products, including information about how to use NI products with common third-party accessories that are sold through the NI channel, such as accessories for NI academic hardware products.


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Visual Diagrams

NI provides 2D and 3D diagrams and illustrations that document physical dimensions and I/O labels and capabilities.

Dimensional Drawings
Technical illustrations, CAD models, and other downloadable formats that provide detailed information about physical hardware features.

Front Panel Connector Pinouts

Diagrams labeling the location and capabilities of pins and connectors.


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NI provides documentation about how NI hardware products meet applicable US and international safety and environmental regulations as well as US and international quality standards.

International requirements, certificates, and declarations available for download.

Letters of Volatility
Identification of volatile and nonvolatile memory sources on hardware, along with instructions for wiping the memory, if necessary.

Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information

Information to ensure you can operate the hardware safely and in compliance with tested standards.


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