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What Is InstrumentStudio™ Software?

Monitor displaying test data using InstrumentStudio

InstrumentStudio is application software that provides an integrated approach to interactive PXI measurements, the ability to monitor and debug test systems, and streamlined connections to automated test applications.

Product Features

Integrated, Interactive Measurements

Monitor displaying multiple test measurements using InstrumentStudio

InstrumentStudio software provides an integrated environment for instrument configuration that simplifies quick, interactive measurements and augments automated production test systems.

  • Interact with multiple instruments simultaneously on intuitive, customizable front panels
  • Monitor and debug automated test systems by taking control of API directly from InstrumentStudio
  • Connect a wide range of DC, analog, digital, RF, and NI instruments
  • Export instrument configurations to your choice of API
  • Access RFmx Spectral Analysis and other wireless standards like 5G, WLAN, and Bluetooth

Why InstrumentStudio?

What Can I Do with InstrumentStudio?

Streamline workflows from interactive bring-up to automated characterization with an interactive front panel that can be customized and exported for a fast transition to automated characterization. Speed up time to first measurement with a wide range of instruments including DC, analog, digital, RF, and third-party instruments with an open and scalable interface. Minimize duplicate work and quickly transition to automated test by exporting code to automation and debugging automated test applications directly from the InstrumentStudio front panel.

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Getting InstrumentStudio

InstrumentStudio software is included with popular NI instruments, such as our oscilloscopes, waveform generators, DMMs, SMUs, and RF instruments, as well as the Test Workflow software bundle. Consider Test Workflow for powerful combinations of NI software that work cohesively to streamline test.

Engineer using InstrumentStudio software in a test lab

InstrumentStudio Software

Included with purchase of Modular Instruments and RF products




Recommended for engineers wanting to take interactive measurements on an easy-to-use, integrated front panel.


  • Integrate and connect to multiple instruments on one screen.

  • Export configurations to code.

  • Monitor and debug automated test systems.

Test Workflow Standard

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Recommended for building test systems with tools for hardware automation, data analysis, automated reporting, and remote access to test.


Includes InstrumentStudio software, plus:


  • LabVIEW for acquiring data from NI and third-party hardware and communicating using industry protocols.
  • G Web Development Software to create web-based applications for test and measurement applications without the need for web development skills.
  • FlexLogger for acquiring data from NI DAQ hardware.

Test Workflow Pro

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Save nearly 60%


Recommended for applications that need test sequencing, more data visualization capabilities, and advanced analysis features.


Includes everything in Test Workflow Standard, plus:


  • TestStand for developing test sequences for validation and production test stations.
  • LabVIEW tools for creating stand-alone applications, advanced analysis capabilities, and software engineering.
  • Advanced analysis functions and visualization capabilities for DIAdem.

Subscription Benefits

Test Workflow includes software services such as access to current and historical versions, technical support, and online training.