Radar and Electronic Warfare

Deliver Radar and Electronic Warfare Mission Capabilities Faster

Spectrum superiority is critical to success on the battlefield. Amid an increasingly contested and congested electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, reliably operating radar, communication, and navigation systems while deceiving and disrupting the adversary creates a significant tactical advantage. Radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems are experiencing technology disruption, as active electronically scanned arrays, ultra-wideband technology, and cognitive systems present new design and test challenges.

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three large radar dishes

NI Commitment

Accelerating Radar and EW Development

NI is committed to helping you gain a tactical advantage in the increasingly congested and contested EM spectrum. Let’s work together to create a modular, agile, and scalable approach to radar and EW design and test, so you can rapidly deploy advanced capabilities and improve mission readiness.

The NI user-programmable FPGA instruments have delivered immediate and striking economic benefits across all project stages, from non-recurring engineering (NRE), to production, to life-cycle management. This has led to a total project cost reduction of more than 50 percent.

Armando Arenai

NATO Support Agency (NSPA)

Researching Cognitive Radar

Dr. Ram Narayanan from Penn State and Dr. Brian Phelan from Army Research Laboratory discuss how they’ve implemented spectrum interference avoidance with cognitive processing and share how NI has accelerated their prototyping workflow.