Lifecycle Analytics

Transform Your Data into Action

Best-in-class companies have the capability to make data-driven decisions through the product lifecycle from ideation to deployment. Quickly adapting to data insights can be a differentiator for bringing a reliable product to market faster than your competitors. Gain an edge by leveraging an organizational strategy to test, collect, detect, and act on all the data being generated through the product lifecycle.

NI Commitment

Enabling Innovation Through Insights

Data gives you insights—and those enabled through software are the indispensable factors that empower you to learn more and think differently. When insights happen, innovations happen. At NI, we connect you through the product lifecycle and beyond to harness insights that drive powerful outcomes.

Harnessing the Hidden Power of Data

Your test data is likely untapped, undiscovered potential. We’ve found that nearly 90 percent of all test data is stored and never utilized further. It’s not enough to capture data—we must connect its digital thread to collect valuable insights that improve product processes and even product design. 

Be a Tech-Forward Test Company

Developing products faster, better, and cheaper means optimizing product development and NPI timelines. By leveraging the power of data—from equipment, results, yield, and so forth—you can acquire meaningful knowledge to make impactful adjustments across your validation and production lifecycles.