5G and 6G Technology

5G and 6G Evolution: From Prototyping to Manufacturing

Cellular technology evolves quickly—5G rollouts and enhancements are progressing in parallel with early 6G research. Engineers are tasked with innovating and bringing new products to market with more capability on tight timelines. New use cases and demand for higher data rates as well as better spectral and energy efficiency add design complexity. From research and prototyping to high-speed automated test, rapidly generating results is key to making next-generation wireless systems and networks a reality.

NI Commitment

Enabling Wireless Design and Test

5G and 6G communications promise new levels of connectivity for an array of use cases. NI is committed to enabling technology breakthroughs and delivery of next-gen devices at scale. Our approach equips engineers with fast and flexible tools to stay at the forefront of these advances in wireless.

Envisioning 6G Applications

Researchers and thought leaders are already working to define 6G, the next generation cellular standard. 6G research explores new technologies such as AI and machine learning, sub-THz frequencies, and radar sensing. Learn from renowned wireless expert Dr. Gerhard Fettweis what 6G could look like.

Five Challenges of 5G Test

Validating wideband 5G devices requires accurate, fast, and cost-effective 5G test solutions to ensure reliability of new chip designs. Learn about the key challenges and solutions for wideband 5G IC test.