What Is VeriStand?

Monitor showing HIL testing of motor simulation. Two graphs display the data acquisition of the mechanical model and electrical model.

VeriStand software validates hardware and performs embedded software test for hardware-in-the-loop applications. Accelerate the product development lifecycle with model integration, real-time stimulus generation, and an extensible software environment.

Product Features

Accelerate Embedded Software Testing

Monitor displaying interactive  controls, a graph, and manual operation instructions. Below operator instructions is a startup sequence for real time test automation and section for adjusting test settings.

VeriStand provides a user interface to simplify I/O channel configuration, data logging, and stimuli generation. Gain full sight of your HIL system with graphical elements that allow you to control configurations and display runtime results.

  • Import simulation models and control algorithms
  • Configure alarms and respond to events
  • Automate tests with ASAM XIL, TestStand, .NET, and other software
  • Add custom functionality with LabVIEW, C/C++, Python, and more

Why VeriStand?

What Can I Do With VeriStand?

Configure your systems. Simulate the world around your device. Automate your validation testing. Learn how VeriStand empowers engineers to rigorously test their embedded software systems.

VeriStand Suite

HIL and Real-Time Test Software Suite

Diagram showing software included with the LabVIEW+ Suite.

The HIL and Real-Time Test Software Suite is a collection of software for validating embedded software, running model-based physical tests, and building plug-ins to use in HIL applications.

By using NI’s highly adaptable ecosystem, we were able to scale from the electric parking brake HIL tester to the durability tester that helped a global automotive brake manufacturer substantially reduce its nonrecurring engineering costs.

Todd VanGilder

Sr. Vice President of Business Development, Genuen