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Fatima Sheikh, ADG Systems Engineer, Software, R&D, NI

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NI’s unrivaled measurement stability and hardware reliability ensures you have confidence in every product you ship.

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NI’s complete test and data workflow can improve productivity on your team by more than 50 percent.

Enable Longevity

NI’s open platform, supports feature upgrades to meet coverage requirements across long product life cycles.

Lower Cost of Test

NI’s PXI hardware lowers your total cost of ownership with fast test speed, excellent uptime, increased test coverage, and competitive capital cost.

Committed to Your Success

NI has helped medical device companies improve the lives of millions of people through reliable systems and customized services. We support your team with unrivaled expertise in medical test and data strategies.


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Testing Medical Devices: A Discussion with Medtronic

NI’s Kyle Voosen interviews Chris Robinson of Medtronic on what it means to engineer ambitiously. Chris describes the challenges his team faces focusing on automated production test of pacemakers and gives insights into the innovations they have implemented to become a best-in-class global manufacturer.

Industry Trends

Navigating Regulation and Complexity

Deploying product lifecycle analytics along the value chain provides actionable insights that impact yield, quality, efficiency, cost, and time within siloed, internally focused organizations operating in a highly regulated landscape.

Customer Success

Leaders in Medical Device Test

NI knows that best-in-class teams don’t just build test stations—they lead a strategy that actively supports their company’s performance. We’ll spend the time to learn what success means to you, and then support you for years to come.

An air traffic controller directs helicopters taking off from an aircraft carrier.

The role of data maps directly to patient safety; [if there is ever an anomaly or a problem in the field] we start failure-analysis immediately, and the first thing we look at is the production test data.

Chris Robinson

Global Test Manager

Medtronic USA

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