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General Terms and Conditions for SystemLink—SystemLink Enterprise and SystemLink Server are licensed under these terms and conditions.

General Terms and Conditions for Optimal Plus ("O+") Software—All O+ software and related services are provided subject to the appropriate General Terms and Conditions for Optimal Plus Software and Related Services. 

Battery Solutions Software License Agreement—Battery Solutions software is licensed under these terms and conditions.

Professional Services General Terms for SystemLink Server, SystemLink Enterprise and O+—For Software Services provided with SystemLink Server, SystemLink Enterprise or O+.

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Service Terms—NI is committed to equipping engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. As part of this commitment, NI offers services and/or service programs to support our customers and enhance a customer's experience with NI products. Please visit this page for a description of the services along with the terms and conditions that are applicable to each of the services and/or service programs.

Data Processing Agreement for NI SaaS offerings—Data Processing Agreement for SaaS offerings, detailing NI's responsibilities with respect to customers data privacy and security.

NI Error Reporting Program—Learn about the NI Error Reporting Program, the type of data it collects, and how that data is used.