ADAS and Autonomous Driving (AD) Testing

​Paving the Way to Safer Vehicles​

​Autonomous driving technology and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are reshaping future mobility to enable safer roads. To make this a reality, engineers must account for safety requirements, infinite testing scenarios, new workflows, and rapidly developing technology. Succeeding in the race to autonomous vehicles will require automakers and suppliers to adapt to evolving standards, higher design complexity, and massive amounts of data throughout the whole product life cycle, to do the ultimate—save lives!

Autonomous vehicle in a city
Autonomous vehicles in highways

NI Commitment

Accelerate ADAS and AD Test for Safer Mobility

​Nobody can solve ADAS and AD challenges alone. NI empowers test engineers with an open, end-to-end ADAS and AD ecosystem of subject matter experts, best-in-class technology, and global services. NI’s adaptable solutions get vehicles to market faster while maintaining non-negotiable performance.

The main difference between choosing NI versus other ADAS tech provider companies is related to what is best for our test strategy. Other companies just provide the equipment. With NI, it’s not just about buying the right tools and systems, but the support they provide to us across the project. We can make the best use of these tailored solutions across the whole toolchain of the product, which backs up our business in the long term.

Oscar Hernandez

R&D Engineering Manager, Continental

​Jaguar Land Rover and NI Unite​

 Jaguar Land Rover Vehicle

Jaguar Land Rover has become a high-tech company; and partnerships with NI, NVIDIA, and Seagate LYVE Mobile fueled this transformation. Best-in-class technologies and global services from an ecosystem of partners are the game changers for their data and software-connected ADAS and AD test workflow.​

​The Software-Connected Test Workflow

As automakers work to develop the software-defined vehicle of the future, learn how NI’s software- and data-driven connected workflow position test as the strategic differentiator and get products to market faster.