Satellites present new challenges for test, but NI has solutions for these and other space applications.​

Space Launch and Exploration

Achieve Mission-Critical Performance at Pace

The space industry is undergoing vast transformation as the private sector and government agencies race to enable new technology capabilities. Companies must produce unprecedented satellite and launch vehicle volumes, manufacturing on accelerated timelines while ensuring program success. Meet these challenges by optimizing test performance to efficiently design, validate, and deliver satellites and launch vehicles across their product life cycles and differentiate against increasing competition.

NI Commitment

Accelerating Space Program Life Cycles

NI is committed to equipping engineering teams with tools and solutions that simplify the transitions of each step of launch vehicle and satellite design, validation, and launch. NI is with you on the countdown to achieving pace and performance without compromise.

NI has played a huge role in the testing at Virgin Orbit. It’s embedded in the testing of the engines at Necker Central. And it’s also part of our launch software.

Kevin Seijas

Chief Engineer and VP of Engineering

Virgin Orbit

The Small Satellite Revolution

Virgin Orbit uses data collected from many tests to optimize its designs and systems. The engineering team relies on NI’s hardware-in-the-loop system, in which they use computer software to simulate space flight, helping certify that the rocket will work as it should during a real launch.

Students Reach for the Stars

A student-led group at the University of Texas hopes to be the first collegiate team to launch a liquid-propelled rocket into space. The students use NI data acquisition systems to test against a digital twin of their rocket which improves their ability to identify flaws in their design.