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We embrace test as a rich source of data that can connect all aspects of the development life cycle to optimize performance.

Design with Change in Mind

NI's tester platform is reconfigurable, providing maximum flexibility to adapt to future requirement changes.

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NI is an expert connector for you, ensuring the fastest system definition and delivery.

Ensure Quality

Quality is non-negotiable. Product analytics and test operations software connects data across the development cycle to quickly identify failure.

Industry Trends

Driving Forces in Transportation

NI’s quarterly Automotive Journal explores the latest testing trends, best practices, and examples of automotive innovation. Read about how we are advancing the future of transportation and accelerating the path to Vision Zero.


A Recognized Industry Leader

“NI is a pioneer in the development of HIL and VIL testing methodologies. Its ECU test system and battery test system increase flexibility and integrate new technologies to help reduce the development time of autonomous cars and EVs.” — Rohan Joy Thomas, Industry Analyst

David Hall, Global GTM Leader, NI


Committed to Your Success

Putting our customers’ needs first and elevating the impact of their creativity and innovation is at the heart of how NI works. We’re proud to work with the engineers at top tier 1 suppliers and OEMs to advance the future of mobility.

Two engineers pose next to a semi-autonomous vehicle.

The ease of setting up the whole system enabled us to deliver world class quality on time and at the right cost with limited resources.

Volvo Cars Driving Dynamics Centre

Shifting Left in Validation

The BMW Group shifted the development of low-voltage power systems toward a virtual approach with a digital twin to identify system design weaknesses earlier.

CATARC Battery-in-the-Loop Simulation

CATARC created a battery-in-the-loop (BIL) test solution to fill the gap between HIL test and real-vehicle road/site test.

NI Services

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An NI services engineer develops test solutions for autonomous driving.

Maximize productivity and reduce costs with NI services. As your trusted partner and expert connector, we’re here to help you Engineer Ambitiously™.