Calibration Services

NI offers high-performance hardware and is committed to helping you maintain that performance for years to come. Calibrating your test and measurement hardware regularly is critical to ensuring quality measurements and traceability. With multiple levels of calibration available worldwide, in addition to flexible options for service, NI can help you maintain peak performance while meeting your budgetary and uptime needs.

Why Calibration Matters

Although all NI hardware receives calibration in adherence to NI specifications prior to shipment, the accuracy of electronic components in all instruments naturally drifts over time. It's necessary to calibrate your hardware at regular intervals to maintain the intended level of accuracy. Depending on your hardware and the nature of your application, NI recommends calibration intervals of one or two years.


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Calibration Services Capabilities

Flexible Service Options to Accommodate Your Needs

Purchase calibration services on an incident basis or include them in your prepaid service program. NI offers flexible calibration service options to help you optimize your budget and uptime needs. Calibration service options include standard, expedited, or on-site.

Multiple Levels to Meet a Variety of Standards

Comply with quality programs like ISO 9001 by using calibration services from NI, which are traceable to national and international standards. In addition to these basic requirements, NI offers a number of calibration service levels to meet your more advanced needs for compliance. Traceable calibration, which includes "as found" and "as left" data, is the most commonly requested calibration service and is recommended for most applications.

Calibration Service Centers around the Globe

Meet your global needs for calibration service using NI’s expansive network of service centers that work in conjunction with regional NI Certified Calibration Centers. These centers comply with global standards to ensure you're getting the highest quality possible.

Solutions for Corporate Metrology Laboratories

Calibrate your devices yourself or use your own metrology laboratories using one of the options that NI provides for self-calibration. Manual calibration procedures, including test points and step-by-step instructions, are online. With these procedures, you can programmatically verify and adjust the measurement capability of your NI hardware products.