What Is OptimalPlus GO?

OptimalPlus Global Operations (GO) collects, cleans, and analyzes data from multiple manufacturing and enterprise data sources to optimize every stage of the product lifecycle on more than 100 billion devices annually.

Create an Accessible, Single Source of Data

Monitor displaying the OptimalPlus multi-site dashboard

Using OptimalPlus GO software, you can connect and correlate product data from multiple systems.

  • Create a consistent data model accessible to everyone
  • Build dashboards and monitor data across all product stages
  • Connect with thousands of  data sources from testers to enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Support for 90% of semiconductor outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT)

Improve Product Yield with Advanced Analytics

Monitor displaying OptimalPlus Quality Dashboard

With OptimalPlus GO software, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover hidden insights. These findings can deliver powerful results for your business:

  • Minimize site-to-site variations
  • Optimize and prioritize retest policy
  • Reduce product scrap and waste
  • Identify equipment performance issues in real time
  • Improve semiconductor yield by up to 2%

Prevent Bad Products from Reaching the Market

Monitor displaying OptimalPlus production line data

Your brand reputation is invaluable—protect it using OptimalPlus GO software to ensure product quality and consistency.

  • Gain visibility into fragmented supply chains
  • Benchmark suppliers and compare yield results
  • Receive real-time quality alerts and faster root cause analysis
  • Control rules centrally and push to distributed tester fleets
  • Reduce quality escapes by up to 50%

Reduce Capital Expenditures for Test

Monitor displaying OptimalPlus bonepile dashboard

OptimalPlus GO software can help you maximize tester utilization and improve test efficiency.

  • Address inconsistent tester utilization
  • Identify and minimize test time variations
  • Fix inefficient retest policies and execution
  • Remotely monitor all testers 24/7
  • Increase test throughput by up to 20%