Electric Vehicle Test

Electrify the Mobility Revolution Now

Electric Vehicles (EV) promise blue skies and sustainability that’s driving innovation at an unprecedented scale and speed. As automakers invest aggressively to be first and gain market share, engineers must test for uncompromising safety—and evolving performance expectations—with no playbook and no shortcuts. The test they do on EV batteries, inverters, and chargers can be the difference between announcing the best-performing EV ever or a recall.

Electric vehicle at station safely charging battery
Electric vehicle in remote location

NI Commitment

Empowering EV Test Engineering

There is no playbook or shortcut to make EV promises a reality. NI empowers test engineers to gain control of their test with systems that match their speed, adapt to their needs, and deliver the data insights that will eliminate blind spots to meet safety and performance expectations.

Learn How GM Uses Battery Data

Watch Steve Tarnowsky, Global Battery Cell Engineering Director at General Motors, talk about the Ultium platform and how they’re using NI SystemLink™ software to harness the power of their test data to reduce risk, improve engineering efficiency, and reduce time to insights and decisions.

Building Better Batteries​ with BIC

Discover how the Battery Innovation Center (BIC) is accelerating the development of high-performance EV batteries with NI’s cell quality test solutions.

Considering EVs? Consider Them Faster.

Electric vehicles safely charging

As automakers announce electric trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, and more, how do they scale to hit production goals in an uncertain environment? They commit and invest accordingly. NI is doing the same to increase test performance, so they can meet their time to market promise.