Wireless Research

Researchers need flexible and cost-effective testbeds to develop and demonstrate the next generation of wireless communication. Quickly moving from mathematical models to over-the-air testbeds is critical to advancing 5G and 6G wireless systems.

Envisioning and Enabling a 6G World 

As 5G deployments and enhancements continue, researchers and thought leaders are already working to define 6G, the next generation cellular standard. 6G research will include developments in promising new technologies such as AI, sub-THz frequencies, and RADAR sensing. Evaluating how these technologies increase network capacity and enable new services will require testbeds with integrated software and hardware that go beyond simulation to real-world experiments. NI’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) offers affordable, flexible transceivers that engineers can use to rapidly prototype and deploy real-time wireless communications systems.

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Wireless Research Handbook: 4th Edition

See how researchers are accelerating wireless prototyping and design with NI’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) USRP for applications from 5G to autonomous vehicle sensing and SATCOM precoding.

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