Research 6G Technologies using OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software

As 5G deployments gain traction and infrastructure providers roll out new capabilities, the research community is starting to look beyond 5G. While demonstrating the diverse applications of 6G, wireless researchers still face the pressure to innovate faster and prototype new concepts in key areas. Building testbed infrastructure is complicated, and it is more valuable for researchers to focus on their ideas rather than spend time proving the testbed works. The ideal wireless system must offer:


  • High-performance hardware and software architecture for real-time prototyping to go beyond simulation
  • Open and configurable end-to-end standard compliant 5G network to demonstrate feasibility and performance
  • Customizable, flexible solution architecture to adapt to emerging wireless technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and open radio access network (ORAN)
  • Guided setup and modification to save researchers months of trial-and-error effort

OAI Reference Architecture for 5G/6G Research with the USRP

  • Full end-to-end system for 5G stand-alone (SA) wireless research and prototyping, supporting multiple bands in FR1 including n77 (3330 – 4200 MHz) and n78 (3300 – 3800 MHz)
  • Open-source OAI software and USRP Hardware Driver (UHD), easy to adjust and modify for the emerging requirement
  • Compatible connections to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) module UE, COTS handset UE, and USRP software UE, allowing both over-the-air (OTA) and cabled operation
  • Dual 10 Gbps Ethernet connectivity, making user applications like video streaming possible

Solution Advantages

Watch How OAI Reference Architecture Accelerates 5G and 6G Research

5G and 6G Research with OAI Software

NI OAI reference architecture for 5G and 6G research with the USRP makes it easy for researchers to set up the end-to-end communication system and accelerate the progress from software simulation to hardware demonstration. See the hardware and software components of NI OAI reference architecture and how to configure the system to view the video transmission from core network to UE.

"With this new relationship, we will take this collaboration to a new level and make sure that OAI will get the best out of current and future platforms from NI"

–Florian Kaltenberger, Associate Professor, EURECOM


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OAI Reference Architecture for 5G/6G Wireless Research

You can browse the brochure to learn more about the OAI Reference Architecture for 5G/6G Wireless Research, including specifications for the hardware included in the design. The brochure also includes a link to the application note that explains how to use the OAI software stack to implement 5G NR stand-alone (SA) systems on the USRP radio devices.