Empower AI and ML Research in 6G Networks with RF Data Recording

Future 5G/6G networks will increasingly use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) principles. Therefore, RF datasets play a pivotal role in training and testing AI/ML models for different wireless applications. However, researchers use different channel models and storage formats to generate the datasets, making it difficult to compare models and adopt broader datasets. Another challenge is the lack of practical tools to get real-world RF datasets to improve the algorithms.

Effective 5G and 6G research based in AI and ML requires:


  • Large datasets with standardized format and comprehensive scenario descriptions
  • High-quality datasets with representability of wide-range potential scenarios 
  • Real-world datasets with additional effects like RF impairments and channel properties for robustness improvement

RF Data Recording for AI/ML in 5G/6G Research with USRP Hardware

  • Instant conversion of recorded I/Q data to standardized SigMF data format proposed by open-source groups as the standard for RF AI/ML datasets
  • Distributed testbed setups enabled for real-world data recording using USRP Software Defined Radio Devices' Ethernet connections
  • JSON- or YAML-based single configuration file that defines the data recording campaign with options to configure parameter settings as a single value or a list or range of values
  • Continuous waveform playback for each transmission channel (Tx) with individual waveforms, including 5G NR, LTE, Radar, Wi-Fi, and more

Solution Advantages

Watch How NI Accelerates AI/ML in Future 6G Networks

RF Data Recording and Spectrum Sensing

See a comprehensive overview of how NI’s cutting-edge USRP software defined radio and software make it easy to implement AI/ML in 6G networks. Gain insight into the hardware components and software capabilities from RF scientists at NI.


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RF Data Recording for AI/ML in 5G/6G Research with USRP Hardware Solution Brochure

Learn more about the RF Data Recording for AI/ML in 5G/6G Research with USRP Hardware solution. This brochure describes the hardware components of the solution and includes a link to the free software download and the successful case study with Northeastern University. The brochure also includes a link to documentation that explains step-by-step how to quickly set up and build the system for RF data recording with NI USRP hardware.