NI Connect Austin

Save the date for May 23-24, 2023. Meanwhile, catch up on what you missed from our 2022 event below.

Save the Date for NI Connect Austin 2023


Save the date for May 23-24, 2023 and join us for NI Connect Austin, where you will be surrounded by fellow engineers and leaders of industry who are passionate about accelerating the development of innovative technology that performs flawlessly.


We will announce more information, including how to register in early 2023. In the meantime, check out the event highlights from NI Connect Austin 2022 below and NI Connect Munich.

Thank you for a great NI Connect Austin

Thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, sponsors, employees and volunteers that made NI Connect Austin 2022 a success.

Keynotes Now Available On-Demand

Buckle up for a deep dive into the future of testing technology.


Learn from industry leaders such as GM, Samsung, Qualcomm, the Pentagon, EI, Tech 180, and TREL as they shed new light on how test can increase product and operational performance, and the powerful ways software shapes all aspects of technology disruption and innovation. All three NI Connect keynotes are now available on-demand.


Patrick Robinson, Chief Test Engineer, NI


This year's event explored the latest in test capabilities and data analytics to help supercharge the performance of your products—and your business.

Technical Sessions

Session Abstract Speaker Name and Company
Testing EV Batteries? This Is What Top Performance Looks Like. Join us for a demonstration of the new Battery Test System Software that enables you to test EV batteries like a top performer, with uncompromising quality and safety. Arturo Vargas Mercado, NI
Becca Stussman, NI
Create Seamless Design-to-Test Inverter Validation Workflows Join us in this session to learn how virtualization and NI’s model-based development approach can improve how design and validation teams perform in the SIL/MIL/HIL development cycle through an optimized user experience.   Brandon Brice, NI
Key Considerations for EV Battery Testing and Validation Join NH Research’s session to learn about key considerations for testing EV batteries to ensure product performance, safety, reliability, and reduced time to market. Get new insights on how to simplify and accelerate your test approach with flexible and open solutions. Martin Weiss, NH Research
Mastering Data Record for ADAS and AD Together In this session, you will learn how NI and its strategic partners Seagate Technology and Konrad Technologies have come together to deliver and continue to evolve a best-in-class solution for ADAS and AD data logging, by leveraging the expertise, technology, and services that only an ecosystem of subject matter experts can provide.

Diego Carvalho, Valeo

Daniel Reidelbauch, NI
Nicholas Keel, NI
Becky Linton, Konrad Technologies

Mastering Data Replay and HIL for ADAS and AD Together  In this session, you will learn how NI's approach to intelligent data replay and HIL can overcome test challenges by leveraging the expertise, technology, and services that only a subject matter expert can provide.  Christine Sparks, NI
Bindesh Patel, Foretellix
Mastering Testing and Calibration on a Virtual Environment for ADAS and AD Together In this session, the systems test engineering team from Continental shows how they implemented a virtual environment with monoDrive to test realistic scenarios as well as allowed calibration activities to be executed independently of external factors and in the early stages of the project to improve efficiency, quality, and planning. Oscar Hernandez, Continental
Juan Rivas, Continental
Session Abstract Speaker Name and Company
Accelerating the Semiconductor Validation Workflow through Software   Adapt to change effectively by modernizing validation workflows. Marvin Landrum, NI
Enabling Innovation and Productivity across the Product Development Cycle with Data   Unlocking the power of data for smarter product life-cycle management

George Zafiropoulos, D2T

Richard Barthel, NI

Frank Schirrmeister, Cadence

Effortless Digital Interface Compliance Testing Protocol validation with NI’s new measurement framework

Sandeep Achari, Soliton Technologies

Santhosh Ramaraj, Soliton Technologies

Beyond 5G A look into 5G advanced developments and 6G research Matt Spexarth, NI
OpenRF: A Vision to Advancing 5G Adoption OpenRF experts discuss how open platforms can help OEMs lower costs, increase performance, reduce time-to-market, and optimize inventory. Kevin Schoenrock, Qorvo
Switching to A Better Solution for CV/IV Measurements Improving CV/IC measurement accuracy while optimizing lab space Mike Watts, NI
Session Abstract Speaker Name and Company
Failure is Not an Option: Maximize Pace and Performance with NI Solutions for Space Learn how NI can help your team accelerate test deployment while meeting increasing performance requirements with solutions for component and system level test, hardware in the loop test, bus and protocol level test, RF and communications systems test, EO/IR and payload test, structural test, launch operations, engine test and more.   Paul Bouagnon, NI
From Tip to Tail: Solving Defense Aircraft Test Challenges  Learn about the wide variety of solutions from NI, and how to overcome the challenges that come with testing the many subsystems within defense aircraft - from the lab to the depot and everything in between.

Eric Metzler, Viewpoint Systems

Jennifer Platt, Tech 180

Brandon Treece, NI

Solving the Latest Challenges for Testing Electronically Scanned Array Systems   Modern mission systems such as radar, electronic warfare, and satellite payloads are incorporating the latest electronically scanned arrays. To overcome these challenges, a scalable and nimble test solution is required to handle and validate a multitude of scenarios, ranging from parametric test of components to validation of systems while being able to correlate the test data throughout the product lifecycle.  

Lei Song, NI

Julian Di Matteo, NI

Digital Avionics Interface Selection - Simplifying a Not So Simple Choice  Learn how you can simplify your digital avionics interface selection while reducing maintenance costs and improving system sustainability.

Nathan Johnson-Williams, New Wave DV

Brandon Treece, NI

Rapidly Prototyping Cognitive RF Systems   Learn how you can use a new SDR-based architecture from NI to accelerate the development of novel capabilities for radar, electronic warfare, and communications.  

Jovian Wysocki, NI

Jeremy Twaits, NI

Testing Propulsion Systems Across the Aerospace Industry Learn about how engineering teams are tackling the challenges of testing cutting-edge turbine and rocket engines by introducing new data-handling architectures and systems engineering approaches.

Gethyn Longworth, Rolls-Royce
Steve Summers, NI
John Culbertson, Virgin Orbit

Session Abstract Speaker Name and Company
Data and Insights Track
NI Lifecycle Solutions: A Data-centric Approach to Product Life Cycle Performance Learn how we define ourselves within the digital transformation space with solutions and tools that empower a data-centric approach to the product lifecycle. 

Mike Neal, NI

Mike Santori, NI

Maximizing Test Value with Centralized Orchestration A centralized look at test systems and the data they create opens new possibilities for efficiency across validation labs and production test footprints.​ Joshua Prewitt, NI
Turning Data into Actions with NI Lifecycle Solutions A more granular and detailed look at how NI Lifecycle Solutions impact operational process through the Collect, Detect and Act stages of the framework.​

Peter Hodgins, NI

Roger Huntley, ADI Wireless Product Group

NI in ACTION: The Key to Achieving Your KPIs Actions across any Digital Transformation effort create the tangible benefits organizations gain from their investment, and at NI, these actions are the focus for any NI Lifecycle Solution we provide to our customers.  Ron Chaffee, NI
Making Actions Smarter with AI/ML Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are a new frontier in the analytics industry. NI Lifecycle Solutions provide the ideal system to enable long term adoption of ML and AI capabilities. Alon Malki, NI
Bringing It All Together with NI Manufacturing Learn how the NI Manufacturing footprint is eagerly deploying our homegrown NI Lifecycle Solutions as we too, embark on our own digital transformation journey. ​

Mark Moyer, NI

John Zukowsy, NI

Aparna Stavolu, NI

Products and Technology Track
What's New in LabVIEW? Experience the latest features LabVIEW 2022 has to offer.

Kiran Nagaraj, NI

Deborah Burke, NI

Product Launch: New Instrumentation Platform for Electronics Functional Test See some of the new options for doing low-coverage/high-volume applications.

Quentin Smith, NI

Darren Lingafeldt, Averna

Product Launch: New Solution for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Test Assets and Test Facilities Get to know some of the new advances in technology for predictive maintenance.

Penny Merian, NI

Anthony Bacak, NI

Andranik Meliqsetyan, NI

Why You Need Bidirectional DC Supplies with Energy Recovery Increasing technology and renewable energy demands are driving innovation in test equipment manufacturers to produce programmable power sources and electronic loads that can satisfy the needs for higher power, faster response, and the capability to simulate complex operating scenarios while doing all of this with higher efficiency. Enter bidirectional, programmable DC power supplies with integrated regenerative electronic loads. Eric Turner, EA Elektro-Automatik, Inc.
How to Build a Web UI for Your LabVIEW-Based Test System Learn about NI’s new G Web Development Software.

Christina Rogers, NI

Milan Raj, NI

Sweep like a Pro-Maximize the Functionality of Built in Sweeping in TestStand Learn how to streamline the characterization and validation of devices under a variety of input conditions. Get an in-depth tour of the sweeping capabilities added to TestStand including new sweep strategies, nested loop control, automatic variables, and static and dynamic modes. Shauna Rae, NI
Test Development and Management Track
Validation and “Time to Insight” In this session we’ll explore a real world case study from NI’s Professional Services team about how focusing on “time to insight” can improve your business performance.

Allen Howard, NI

Michael Wang, NI

Panel: Evangelizing Test Beyond Your Team A discussion on how to help your organization see the real value of test Graham Green, NI
Panel: Test Standardization - Holistic Approach to Process, Systems and Data Join the conversation with our panel of experts as we evolve the meaning of standardization to include a more holistic vision of your test strategy and organization. Max Rector, NI
Lessons Learned Building a New Design Methodology for a Large Channel Count Application Hear a case study that provides key insights on how to meet technical (eg. TSN Synchronization), as well as architectural (redundancy, usability, deployment,) and process (benchmarking, documentation) challenges.

Jeremy Twaits, NI

Tom Walling, NI

Best Practices for Building a Rack-Based Test System In this session, we discuss what you should consider when building a rack-based test system.  Travis Escoffery, NI
From Request To Success! Lets Accelerate Your Validation Workflow Join the NI Product R&D team as they step through a complete validation workflow example and give their insights into the right tools (including Python) to use at every step. Travis Escoffery, NI
Advanced Software Development and Deployment Track
Simplifying TestStand Step Settings Panels with AutoProps Learn about how you can use AutoProps, an undocumented feature in TestStand, to streamline custom step settings panel implementation to better enable rapid prototyping and even provide a production solution for simpler applications.  Jed Beach, NI
Connecting to Remote Test Systems  Come discover how NI enables remote access by leveraging gRPC from any language and how you can develop custom remote APIS using LabVIEW’s gRPC support. Chris Cifra, NI
Best Practices for Distributing IP   Come hear about some of the best practices your organization use to better distribute your IP.

Scott Richardson, NI

Niki Budgell, NI

Jim Kring, JKI

Maximizing Your Test Operations with SystemLink™  Take a deep dive into SystemLink System and Asset Management. Joshua Prewitt, NI
InstrumentStudio Plug-In Dev Kit Learn how to use the Measurement Framework Plug-In Development Kit to create interactive measurements that can be used through automation. John Bongaarts, NI
LabVIEW Interfaces: Things Better Left Unstated Learn how to start using LabVIEW interfaces in your software architectures, which changes the design and testing of object-oriented software. Stephen Loftus-Mercer, NI



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Frequently Asked Questions



What is NI Connect?

NI Connect is our annual event series where engineers and industry leaders from around the world come together to explore the latest in test and data analytics as well as innovative products and approaches that drive businesses forward. This premier, in-person event also provides opportunities for attendees to reconnect with peers and share ideas that help one another Engineer Ambitiously.™


When and where is NI Connect?

NI Connect will be held May 23-24, 2023 in Austin, Texas.


Who attends NI Connect?

Engineers at all levels can benefit from the conference’s keynotes and sessions. Business decision makers, solutions architects, developers, engineers, and aspiring engineers are all welcome.


Is NIWeek now known as NI Connect?

NIWeek was our long-standing annual conference held in Austin for more than 25 years. NI Connect builds on the best of what NIWeek had to offer while marking a new direction for future NI events as a whole. We’re excited to bring customers more hybrid events like NI Connect that blend in-person networking, access to advanced subject matter experts and livestreaming capabilities.

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