What Is a USRP Software Defined Radio Device?

A USRP Software Defined Radio Device provides a software-defined RF architecture to design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems with custom signal processing. Hardware options range from low-cost to high-performance radios with large, open FPGAs. You can develop with LabVIEW or open-source code.

Use the Software of Your Choice

No matter your development tool preferences, you can be confident in USRP hardware, which is compatible with the broadest range of software workflows on the market. You can choose LabVIEW for a unified, dataflow programming style or use the open-source driver with support for C, C++, MathWorks MATLAB®, GNU Radio, and more.

Build Advanced Wireless Systems

Modern wireless systems require a new generation of SDR for prototyping and deployment. Systems need wider bandwidth, higher frequencies, and more advanced digital signal processing architectures. Explore how the latest USRP options offer enhanced performance to build your next advanced wireless prototype.

Prototype with Wider Bandwidth

Prototyping algorithms for applications such as radar research requires the need for wider bandwidths and more channels. At up to 1.6 GHz of bandwidth and eight transmit and receive channels, the Ettus USRP X440 allows for higher accuracy for direction finding while maintaining phase coherency.

Perform Spectrum Monitoring

Spectral monitoring across multiple bands requires broad frequency coverage. With up to 7.2 GHz of frequency coverage, USRP SDRs allow users to monitor RF bands for locating and analyzing signals in communications and signals intelligence applications.

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Need More Real-Time Processing?

PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Modules feature high-performance FPGAs that add signal processing capability to PXI systems. These modules leverage the latest FPGAs from Xilinx, streaming technologies such as PCI Express, and NI Peer-to-Peer Streaming for high-bandwidth data communication with other modules over the backplane. When paired with an SDR, PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Modules provide the additional FPGA resources required to run complex algorithms in real time.


FlexRIO Feature Highlights:

  • Implement custom signal processing on large, UltraScale FPGAs
  • Multi-FPGA systems can easily be built in PXI to meet any digital signal-processing need
  • FlexRIOs have been combined with SDRs to create cutting edge testbeds


Hardware Service Options

Your hardware purchase includes the following services:

  • Three-year warranty for basic repair and calibration coverage
  • Basic functional test
  • Technical support

NI offers additional hardware services as part of expanded service programs that can improve uptime and lower maintenance costs.