Entry-Level, Plug-and-Play USB Data Acquisition

You depend on accurate measurements to make key decisions and discoveries, and NI’s plug-and-play, USB multifunction I/O devices deliver quality measurements at an entry-level price.

Compare NI’s Entry-Level, Stand-Alone Data Acquisition Devices

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No. of Channels14/82134/82134/82130/804
Sample Rate (kS/s and Timed)1005SW505SW205SW10-SW
Resolution16 bits-16 bits-14 bits-12 bits-
Programming Language SupportANSI C, Python, Visual C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET, and LabVIEW
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1 x/y format where x denotes the number of differential channels, and y denotes the number of single-ended channels.

Key Benefits

  • Take measurements with no programming—The included FlexLogger™ Lite software gets you to your first measurement faster with no programming required. Configure channels after automatic hardware detection. Drag and drop data indicators to view your data right away. Log data in a .CSV or .TDMS file. 
  • Choose software options that meet your needs—For advanced measurement and automation applications, the included NI-DAQ™mx driver provides full support for FlexLogger software, LabVIEW, and programming languages such as ANSI C, Python, Visual C# .NET, and Visual Basic .NET. Learn more
  • Add devices for PC-based measurements—NI USB DAQ devices include software support and resources for various application development environments and programming languages. The small and lightweight form factors of USB, PCI, and PCI Express are ideal for benchtop measurements. Learn more
  • Seamlessly switch between different DAQ devices—The included NI-DAQmx driver supports all NI DAQ hardware and helps you seamlessly take measurements with NI DAQ devices without having to install additional drivers. Reuse configurations and code snippets that you have already developed. Learn more

Accelerate Your DAQ Setup with Free FlexLogger Lite

Start your data acquisition with free FlexLogger Lite, included with supported NI hardware. Configure channels and log data effortlessly with no programming required. Adapt to project changes effortlessly and upgrade anytime to the full-featured FlexLogger for more complex tasks such as basic automation, triggers, and alarms. 

Want to Expand Your DAQ Application?

NI offers many additional multifunction I/O device options to provide varying channels, sample rates, output rates, and other features to meet many common measurement requirements. NI also offers CompactDAQ systems that can scale to improve test coverage.


CompactDAQ System Highlights:

  • Mix and match modules to create a system for diverse measurement requirements
  • Move with ease between lab and field with CompactDAQ’s rugged features
  • Scale by expanding your system with Ethernet-compatible CompactDAQ Chassis
  • Develop a data-logging application to configure your system and log data