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PXI Instrument Bundles

PXI Chassis with PXI Oscilloscope Module inserted 

PXI Instrument bundles are preconfigured sets of NI’s most popular, high-quality electronic test and instrumentation hardware.


These bundles help new customers get started in the following ways:


  • Simple shopping experience, with a Thunderbolt™-controlled chassis, a PXI instrument module, and relevant accessories included
  • Options for adding more channels or other instrument types with additional modules
  • Compatible with InstrumentStudio™ software, LabVIEW, Python, C, .NET, and more

Simplify Your Benchtop

Different instruments can be added to the empty slots in the chassis, increasing functionality without taking up extra space. With more than 600 different PXI modules ranging from DC to mmWave, your PXI system can adapt as your needs evolve.

Go Beyond Predefined Functionality

Unlike box instruments that have functionality predefined, PXI instruments allow engineers to configure software-defined measurements and analysis in real time. Data is analyzed as it is acquired.

Achieve High Performance

PXI instrument bundles offer high-performance, mixed-measurement systems for validation and production test. They meet requirements for timing, synchronization, and throughput across all instruments.

Choose Your Software

Users can choose any software. They can use InstrumentStudio software, a free no-code software, to interact with instruments; or they can programmatically control and automate with APIs for LabVIEW, Python, and other languages.

Bundles by Instrument Type




Up to eight oscilloscope channels, with up to 5 GS/s sample speed and 1.5 GHz of bandwidth.



Source Measure Unit


Four-quadrant operation with ranges up to ±200 V and ±3 A, and sensitivity as low as 100 fA.



LCR Meter


LCR meter and SMU in a single instrument with up to 2 MHz bandwidth and 40 V DC range.



Digital Multimeter


Up to 7.5 digits of resolution, 1000 V DC voltage range, 3 A current range and 1.8 MS/s sample rate.



Waveform Generator


Up to two output channels with up to 80 MHz bandwidth, ±12 V output range and 800 MS/s maximum update rate.



Programmable Power Supply


120 W PXI Express programmable power supply with two isolated 60 W channels.



Multifunction I/O


A mix of analog I/O, digital I/O, counter/timer, and triggering functionality in a single PXI module.



Analog Input


High-resolution analog input with up to 28 bits resolution and nano-volt level measurements.


Advanced Selection and Configuration

While instrument bundles provide combinations that work for most customers, others prefer advanced customization. Configure your own system with the PXI Advisor.

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