CompactDAQ Measurement Bundles

CompactDAQ measurement bundles are preconfigured sets of NI’s most popular, high-quality data acquisition hardware. These bundles help new customers get started in the following ways: 


  • Simple shopping experience, with a chassis, sensor measurement modules, and relevant accessories included
  • Designed for specific measurement types with built-in signal conditioning
  • Options for adding more channels or other measurement types with additional modules
  • Compatible with LabVIEW, FlexLogger, Python, C, .NET, and more

CompactDAQ Multifunction Measurement Bundle

CompactDAQ  Temperature Measurement Bundle

Bundles by Measurement Type




Measure temperature with up to 16 thermocouples. Measure more with additional modules.





Measure voltage signals with up to 16 sensors. Measure more with additional modules.



Sound and Vibration


Measure sounds and vibrations with up to eight microphones or accelerometers. Measure more with additional modules.



Strain and Load


Measure torque, pressure, strain, and load with up to four bridge-based sensors. Measure more with additional modules.


Many of the CompactDAQ Measurement Bundles are in a 4-slot chassis with extra slots for adding more modules of the same or other measurement types.

Advanced Selection and Configuration

While measurement bundles provide combinations that work for most customers, others prefer advanced customization. Configure your own system with the CompactDAQ Advisor.

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