Quickly Configure and Customize Demanding Sub-THz Test Applications

Once thought to be impractical for wireless communications, exploration into the use of THz frequencies is increasing. Extensive research and test are being conducted to understand how extreme-wideband waveforms behave at these exceptionally high frequencies. Operation in these conditions introduces many unique considerations forcing new testing standards. In turn, new testbeds are required to prove out new techniques key to advancing 6G technology, standards, and regulatory constraints. These testbeds need to:


  • Accommodate extreme channel bandwidths, up to and beyond 4 GHz
  • Allow for both OTA and conducted test, above 100 GHz center frequency
  • Enable real-time, sustained, and high data rate streaming
  • Provide measurement capabilities such as power, spectrum, modulation, and calibration
  • Enable quick and easy test customization, for novel Sub-THz research, test, and validation requirements

6G Sub-THz Reference Architecture

  • Real-time, sustained data streaming at up to 4 GHz bandwidth
  • High performance, real-time FPGA hardware for data processing
  • D-band frequency coverage with Virginia Diodes (VDI) frequency extensions
  • Superior timing and synchronization on an integrated PXI platform
  • Exceptional RF performance and dynamic range with specialized IP for PXI Vector Signal Transceivers uniquely created for Sub-THz research and prototyping applications
  • Easy-to-use soft front panel and reference design for custom research, test, and validation requirements

Solution Advantages

Watch the 6G Sub-THz Reference Architecture in Action

Real-time, Wideband Capabilities at Sub-THz Frequencies

The intuitive front panel and API makes it easy to configure, capture, and visualize measurements. See key features including modulation measurements and real-time, sustained data streaming via an over-the-air (OTA) link.

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6G Sub-THz Reference Architecture Solution Brochure

Learn more about measurement capabilities and configuration options for NI’s 6G Sub-THz Reference Architecture.

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