Power Electronics Test Systems



NI’s industry-leading power electronics are used by OEMs, top tier suppliers, and research labs worldwide. Our selection of cyclers addresses a wide range of conditions to meet your evolving needs.


We provide modular, high-performance, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable solutions for industries like automotive, aerospace, and defense—and we are committed to supporting the product lifecycle from R&D, high-volume manufacturing/production, end of life, and remanufacturing.

DC Power Electronics

NI’s DC power electronics portfolio provides the speed and performance to accurately emulate today’s technologies and tomorrow’s innovations for all battery chemistries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and energy storage systems. Modular battery test systems address the increasing power requirements of battery modules and packs used in the electric vehicle and renewable energy storage industries.


Battery test equipment includes high- and medium-voltage DC power test systems. NI battery test systems can be used as battery cyclers, regenerative bidirectional DC sources, regenerative DC loads, high-power DC sources, or battery/DC emulators


High-Voltage DC Power Electronics


The High-Voltage DC Battery Pack Cycler and Emulator offers modular, regenerative battery pack test capabilities with a power range spanning from 100 kW to 2.4 MW. This versatile range caters specifically to EV battery pack testing needs, ensuring comprehensive and scalable solutions for validating and testing battery packs across various power capacities.



Mid-Voltage DC Power Electronics


Designed for EV battery module testing, NI’s Mid-Voltage DC Battery Module Cycler and Emulator serves as a multifunction solution for battery cycling and emulation needs. This system is ideal for low- to medium-power applications in research, validation, and production labs.


AC Power Electronics

NI's AC loads and sources provide versatile capabilities for custom test systems. These high-performance AC power electronics offer flexibility and ease of use, with features tailored to meet the diverse test needs of the electric vehicle, aerospace, renewable energy, and energy storage industries. They’re critical for simulating real-world electrification conditions, enabling faster testing and reducing energy costs by emulating bidirectional power flows in transportation and renewable energy systems. 


Regenerative AC Load


The Regenerative AC Load System simulates any inductive, capacitive, or resistive load.



Regenerative Grid Simulator


The Grid Simulator System can be used for grid-tied inverter testing, vehicle-to-grid testing, AC power product testing, and more.



AC Power Source Systems


The AC Power Source System uses HiVAR™ technology to address reactive power for efficient load performance across industries.


Test Management Software

Battery Test Software, Enerchron™, and PAtools™, are innovative software solutions designed to revolutionize high-power and automated testing of EV components. These industry-leading tools provide seamless, efficient, and highly accurate test execution and data analysis, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in the world of battery cell, module and pack testing, and EV component evaluation. 


Battery Test Software


Battery Test Software powered by PAtools revolutionizes your battery lab by harnessing NI’s software-defined lab methodology. This innovative approach future-proofs your battery testing procedures, offering automated and streamlined workflows alongside advanced data management and analysis capabilities.



PAtools Software


PAtools software is a comprehensive test development environment for EV test systems offering hardware integration, streamlined workflow interfaces, pre-built tests and analysis, and real-time reliability.



Enerchron Software


Enerchron is a powerful yet easy-to-use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation. It’s a comprehensive battery test environment that includes integration with hardware and software tools.


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