National Instruments Circuit Design Technical Library

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The National Instruments Circuit Design Technical Library is your free online resource for learning about circuit design, simulation, layout, and test. On this page you will find links to valuable content such as SPICE simulation fundamentals, SPICE models, example circuits, application notes, and tutorials. We have collected and organized basic, advanced and fundamental resources for circuit design and SPICE simulation into this one technical library.

Table of Contents


Concepts & Fundamentals

Learn about simulation and design


Tutorial Videos

View introductory videos to Multisim


Schematic Capture & Simulation

Discover how to capture and simulate


Prototype Layout & Routing

Access tutorials circuit layout


Advanced Simulation & Test

Advanced design and simulation


User Guides & Product Info

Up-to-date manuals and user guides


Reference Designs & Tutorials

Explore reference designs


Support & Services

Contact support or join our community


User Solutions & Success Stories

Browse customer success stories


Concepts & Fundamentals


Learn about key concepts in SPICE simulation, PCB layout and the fundamentals of circuit design. Resources include an introduction to SPICE simulation fundamentals.

Featured Link: SPICE Analysis Fundamentals


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Tutorial Videos


These playlists include multiple videos to introduce and provide technical instructions on using NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard.

Featured Link: NI Multisim Technical Help Videos


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Schematic Capture & Simulation


Looking to learn how to design with Multisim?  Browse these resources to learn how to capture, simulate and analyze your circuits.



Schematic Capture


SPICE Simulation

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Prototype Layout & Routing


Find detailed tutorials and resources on how to prototype, layout, route and export PCBs for fabrication.

Featured Link: Best Practices in PCB Design: Routing


Layout & Routing

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Advanced Simulation & Test


Multisim combines with LabVIEW for a unique platform for advanced simulation. Using LabVIEW integrate real measurements into design, develop custom analyses and improve simulation.



System Level Simulation of Analog Circuitry and Digital Logic


Advanced Simulation with Real Measurements


Custom Multisim Simulation Driven Instruments & Analyses for Download

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User Guides & Product Information


Quickly find online resources such as user guides, manuals and release notes to find product information on what features are available and how to use them.

Featured Link: Getting Started with NI Circuit Design Suite


User Guides and Manuals

Product Information


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Reference Designs & Tutorials


View reference designs on how to design custom hardware for NI platforms such as M Series DAQ, CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO

Featured Link: Designing a RIO Mezzanine Card for Beer Brewing Automation with NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard


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Support & Services


For customers with SSP contact National Instruments Support or join our free design community for assistance with your questions.

Featured Link: How to Activate NI Multisim


Contact Support

Online Knowledge Base

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User Solutions & Success Stories


Learn how other customers are using NI Multisim, NI Ultiboard and other NI hardware to simulate better, prototype faster, and validate easier.

Featured Link: Designing a Solar Powered, Rechargeable Lantern for Developing Nations


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Multisim for free for 30 days Multisim with an Interactive Demo
Courseware for Circuits About the NI Electronics Education Platform

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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

  - Dec 23, 2010

Great Circuit Design Package that has a lot of interaction between the Design Tech or Engineer. I will definitely make the plan to purchase the Base Edition of Multisim.

golondro  - Jan 29, 2007

Amazing compilation of useful and in- deep technical source. Thanks!!

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