Software License Programs

We offer services through our single-seat, volume, and enterprise license programs to help individuals, large teams, and organizations get the most out of our software products.

Service Program Options

FeaturesSingle-Seat ProgramVolume ProgramEnterprise Program
Technical Support   
Customized Support Program  Optional¹
Access to Online Training (by Products Owned)   
Extended Access to Online Training (based on the contract terms)   
Training Credits   
Software Updates and Maintenance Releases   
Access to Previous NI Software Versions   
Exclusive Regional Events¹   
Account Assessment  Optional¹
Consulting Time  Optional¹
Flexible Licensing and Asset Management   
Expanded Licensing Options   
Asset Management Tools   
Unlimited Software Access  Optional¹


1NI also offers some software as perpetual licenses, which may include service benefits. Please contact us if you have questions about these products.