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What Are PXI Source Measure Units?

PXI Source Measure Units (SMUs) combine high-precision source and measure capability with features designed to reduce test time and increase flexibility.

Unmatched Channel Density

Reduce test time, increase throughput, and meet today's manufacturing requirements by reducing a full rack to a few inches of physical space with up to 408 SMU channels in a single PXI chassis.

Custom Transient Response

Digitally control the transient properties of PXI SMUs to maximize stability, reduce overshoot, and decrease test times with NI SourceAdapt, a patented technology on PXI SMUs that helps you avoid custom circuitry.

Built-In IV Sweep

Reconfigure and repurpose the same SMU across test cases with configuration-based IV sweeps in InstrumentStudio software and a path to more advanced customization in programming environments.

Hardware-Timed Sequences

Get your results faster by removing the communication latency between the host computer and SMU among each measurement of a sequence and, at each step, change various SMU parameters such as output mode, aperture time, current range, and transient response.

High-Power Pulsing

Operate beyond the basic DC power boundary of PXI SMUs by pulsing current or voltage instead of supplying a constant DC source, allowing you to test at high instantaneous power with limited or no heat sink infrastructure.

Recommendations for First-Time Users

PXI Source Measure Unit Bundle

The PXI Source Measure Unit (SMU) Bundle is a preconfigured set of one of NI’s most popular, high-quality SMUs and a Thunderbolt™-controlled chassis so that you can get started with ease.

PXI Source Measure Unit Bundle

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