ADAS and Autonomous Driving (AD) Test

AD and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are adding new radar, camera, lidar, and GNSS sensors and even changing architectures and technologies. This rapid change requires flexible test systems to deploy products quickly and safely.

Create Flexible ADAS and AD Tests That Scale from Design to Production

As today's individual safety features like parking assist sensors and backup cameras evolve into L2, L3, and L4+ autonomous driving systems, test systems must adapt as well. Tomorrow's safety-critical driver assist systems and autonomous vehicles demand flexible testing for rapid innovation without compromising rigor or efficiency. NI offers an adaptable, platform-based approach to ADAS and AD test. Using NI's software-defined platform, you can integrate all the I/O types you need to test the vehicles of tomorrow. You can now use one test platform for ADAS and autonomous systems from characterization to verification and validation to even the production floor. Flexible systems built on open and reusable hardware and software ensure accurate test data for the road ahead and integrate into the tools and workflows you already use today.

Solution Brief

ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Test

Learn about NI ADAS and AD test solutions you can use to natively integrate all the I/O types you need and test tomorrow's ADAS technology today. Topics include:


  • ADAS record and playback
  • Radar sensor production test
  • Sensor fusion HIL with scene generation
  • AV Computing Platform Tester

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