C-V2X Conformance Test System by S.E.A.

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications will transform the mobility industry to improve the safety and efficiency of vehicles and autonomous systems. For this application, V2X interfaces must conform to communication standards and RF regulations. These standards include 4G/5G cellular connectivity based on the 3GPP physical standard along with protocol, security, and other application standards from SAE, IEEE, and others. Automotive suppliers, device manufacturers, and others involved in the V2X technology require a test system that:


  • Adapts to the latest standards as cellular technology continues to rapidly evolve 
  • Supports physical, protocol, and application layer testing 
  • Provides and reliably executes conformance test procedures, defined by consortiums like the OmniAir Consortium®, to ensure interoperability with the V2X infrastructure and RF environment 
  • Includes an integrated GNSS emulator for time, location information, and synchronization, in addition to RF physical layer support 

Solution Overview

  • Turnkey solution with ready-to-run test catalogs for different standards available, proven in many tests with customer devices, certification, and plugfests.

  • With a software-defined architecture and a modular platform, the PXI system, combined with VST and USRP hardware, ensure the integration of the necessary standards, existing or new.

  • Open software framework can include additional interface extensions like Automotive Ethernet, cameras, and data management. 

  • This system can scale to an open-loop or closed-loop system for functional and application-level test, including dynamic control and interactions with other ADAS applications.

OmniAir OQTE LTE-V2X 2021100501
OmniAir OQTE LTE-V2X 2021100501

OmniAir Consortium® has certified the S.E.A.-NI V2X Bench Tester to validate the physical layer for C-V2X conformance testing, making it the first modular bench tester to achieve it. The OmniAir certifications for V2X devices assure automotive OEMs; Tier 1 suppliers; manufacturers of devices, modules, and chips; and deploying agencies that OmniAir certified devices conform to industry standards and meet minimum performance and interoperability requirements.

NI Partner Network

S.E.A. is an NI Partner Network solution partner with more than 10 years of experience specializing in V2X and RF testing, as well as more than 20 years of working on automotive solutions as a NI partner. NI and S.E.A. offer a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. S.E.A. is based in Germany with representation in the U.S., China, Japan, and Korea.