Maximize Test Coverage with Your ADAS/AD HIL Test System

Validating perception algorithms on ADAS ECUs is key to ensuring the safety and reliability of ADAS and AD functions in the vehicle. The industry must efficiently scale test coverage by implementing methodologies such as replay and HIL, which moves testing from the road to the lab and expands the coverage to include difficult or dangerous scenarios. HIL test allows to simulate the infinite number of edge scenarios and test the complex algorithms to ensure the safe operation of ADAS and AD functions. The HIL system must be capable of:


  • Stimulating the perception systems with advanced processing and data manipulation techniques to convince the ECU that it is performing a real-world scenario.
  • Integrating hardware I/O with multiple environmental simulation and modeling tools.
  • Interfacing with the ADAS controller through multiple I/O and automotive bus signals with tight control over timing and data synchronization.
  • Maintaining adaptability for future I/O and test requirements as systems continue to add more cameras, radar, lidar, and other ADAS sensor types.
  • Increasing test coverage reliability and repeatability through direct injection techniques to insert faults, frame delays, and more into the sensor bitstream.

NI Replay and HIL System AD


  • Replay and HIL AD Environment Server Deployment software for data throughput, timing and synchronization, direct interface with ECU, full customization, data repositories, and simulation interfaces.
  • PXI technology provides hardware and software faulting capabilities—down to nanosecond synchronization and timing control for reliable execution of test cases.
  • Modular hardware generates signals to emulate ADAS sensors, vehicle bus traffic, and general purpose I/O to test sensor fusion on the ADAS controller.
  • Hardware integration openness to interface with Applied Intuition, aiMotive, Hexagon (Vires), IPG, Ansys and more simulation, and modeling software providers.
  • Open software-centric approach to interface and source data from IT infrastructure and cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Seagate, and more. 
  • A unified test system architecture to move back and forth between HIL and data replay test with the same system and single toolchain for data record.

Solution Advantages

Sourcing Simulation Data from Ansys into a NI Camera HIL System

Validate body and chassis ECUs

Validate body and chassis ECUs

Perform 24x7 Automated Tests in the Lab

In this demonstration, you can see how the Ansys AVX physics-based sensor model environment sources synthetic camera data into an NI HIL system, including FPGA-based error injection.

“AD and ADAS require the combination of different test methodologies which is challenging—but essential to provide driver and passenger safety and ultimately for AVs to become a reality. With NI solutions, we can build up systems and move one step closer to a comprehensive test strategy consisting of both real-world and virtual test efforts.”

—Dr. Thomas Herpel, Senior Manager, ZF Mobility Solutions

Build Your Solution with the NI Ecosystem

NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.

Konrad Technologies

Konrad Technologies is the NI Certified Partner for delivering custom Replay and HIL System AD solutions for your application requirements. Integration services include custom run-time and development GUIs, complete system installation in-lab deployment support services, and integration with the NI Data Record System AD.

Services and Support

NI partners with you throughout your application’s life cycle by delivering instructor-led and online Data Record System AD training, technical support, repair, and replacement. More comprehensive services include on-site and remote bring-up, as well as professional services ranging from integration engineering and methodology consulting to resident engineering.

Going Beyond ADAS Test Methodologies: NI and OEMs Partner to Unify Replay and HIL Test System

In this webinar, learn how NI partnered with an OEM to help their engineers maximize their test efficiency using a common replay and HIL infrastructure to provide the path to dynamic test deployment based on V&V requirements.