Utilize SIL for Ultra-High Fidelity Perception Simulation and Test

Validation engineers in the automated driving and autonomous vehicle domain are tasked to expand their testing process further to the left, also known as front loading, to accelerate time to market as well as balance coverage needs with the cost of test. Software in the Loop (SIL) is one typical method to achieve these requirements, but the infinite perception use cases, the complex workflow, and the gaps in modelling and simulation technology make it challenging to succeed. Requirements include: 


  • Maximum realism—Increase sensor and simulator fidelity to truly implement front load testing and minimize the dependencies on expensive prototypes. 
  • Open and validated sensor model—Provide white-box yet trustworthy models to reduce and ultimately avoid the additional burden of model validation. 
  • Open to third-party toolchains—Preserve existing investments in simulation tools and architectures and connect to best-in-class solutions. 
  • Cloud and on-premise execution—Maximize and accelerate validation test coverage through thousands of parallel test instances. 
  • Workflow simplification—Streamline the set-up and execution complexity of the SIL process to allow focus on testing. 

ADAS and AD SIL Architecture Using NI monoDrive Simulator AD

  • Leverage NI monoDrive Simulator AD for ultra-high fidelity scenario generation and resulting sensor information for perception and planning system validation.
  • Integrate and execute physics-based, high-fidelity sensor models (LiDAR, Radar, Camera, RPM, GPS, IMU) of your choice to maximize realism and increase product quality.
  • Create perception cases for virtual testing in minutes to accelerate the validation development process and focus on getting tests done.
  • Utilize Unreal Engine—the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool—as the foundation of NI monoDrive Simulator AD to stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Connect and combine third-party environmental simulation and modeling tools like Ansys AVxcelerate, IPG CarMaker, VIRES VTD, SCANeR, Simcenter Prescan, CARLA, and more.

Solution Advantages

See the NI monoDrive Simulator AD in Action

Demonstration of PXI avionics test system with flight simulator software

Discover the Possibilities of SIL

Experience the NI monoDrive Simulator AD with different ADAS sensor types, visualization options, and a variety of weather and lighting conditions— and get a fly-through of a virtual world to see its high-fidelity simulation, including road marks and texturing.

"The Assisted and Automated Driving Verification and Validation (V&V) department at JLR works closely together with NI to develop synergies between V&V methods and tools. The possibility of using the same data as well as common hardware and software platforms for ADAS data logging, SIL, HIL, and VIL increases our V&V testing to be more robust and efficient, and delivers better quality. We adjust tools to our process, not the opposite!”

–Marek Krezalek, Senior Technical Specialist, Assisted and Automated Driving V&V, Jaguar Land Rover


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