Wireless Infrastructure Development

Quality Measurements Meet Wireless Expertise

With the disaggregation of base station components, proprietary protocols have been replaced with standard interfaces. While this change has many positives for wireless network infrastructure, it also means these links need to be tested and require specialized in-the-loop tests and emulations. Also crucially important are the high-quality RF measurements that enable these test cases. By combining best-in-class RF performance with industry-leading expertise in wireless communications test, a collaboration with NI enables quality test solutions backed by decades of wireless industry experience.

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O-RAN RU Production Test

NI’s Open RAN (O-RAN) Radio Unit (RU) production test system helps you tackle the complex challenges of developing and testing RUs in a standardized and disaggregated RAN architecture. Together with NI Partners, leverage integrated DUT control over the O-RAN fronthaul interface, scalable test architectures, and fast test speed for efficient RU production test.

O-RAN RU Production Test Solution Brochure cover page

O-RAN RU Production Test Solution Brochure

For over five years, Spirent and NI have partnered to support 5G test equipment development. Together, we have crossed major 5G transitions and are now pioneering test methods for compliance with O-RAN Alliance standards and beyond, increasing opportunities for innovation and competition. We are excited to continue the journey with NI as a foundation of our solutions.

Clarke Ryan

Senior Director, Product Development

Spirent Communications

Work with an NI Partner

The NI Partner Network is a global community of domain, application, and test experts working with NI to meet your needs. NI Partners are trusted solution providers, systems integrators, consultants, product developers, and services- and sales-channel experts skilled in a range of industry and application areas.

O-RU Validation Experts

Spirent Communications is a global leader in wireless communications and is closely collaborating with NI for O-RU test. Leveraging high-quality, versatile instrumentation combined with robust emulation provides a partnership that enhances O-RU test and development.