Achieve Lab-Grade RFFE Validation Results with Production Test Speed

Engineers working on RF front ends for wideband standards, like 5G and Wi-Fi 6, must validate new RF front-end devices over more frequency bands, carrier-aggregated scenarios, and increasingly complex modulation schemes. With markets demanding greater efficiency and linearity, engineers need to validate design performance with the latest digital predistortion (DPD) algorithms and tightly synchronized envelope tracking (ET) configurations in 50- and non-50 Ω environments.


A solution for fast and accurate validation of wideband RF front-end devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Unify high-bandwidth analog and RF generation and analysis, precision DC measurements, and digital control of your device under test (DUT)
  • Ensure tight synchronization and triggering
  • Incorporate state-of-the-art digital predistortion (DPD) algorithms with ease of configuration
  • Simplify interactive measurements and automated validation sequences with powerful software

RF Front-End Validation Reference Architecture

  • Configure and deploy integrated and tightly synchronized test benches that deliver precision RF, DC, and analog waveform measurements with fast digital DUT control in a compact setup.
  • Bring up new devices rapidly and move quickly to interactive validation with the RFIC Test Software, purpose-built for power amplifier (PA) measurements.
  • Observe DUT performance under the latest DPD algorithms, such as NanoSemi’s dual-band linearization.
  • Incorporate with ease your own custom MATLAB® software DPD algorithms , or use built-in approaches, like memory polynomial DPD.
  • Deploy extensive validation sequences rapidly with the Automation Wizard, a large collection of example code and ready-to-run, open-source reference test sequences.
  • Run accurate dynamic EVM measurements and cross-correlation EVM measurements with an integrated interface for MIPI RFFE, SPI or other digital protocols.

5G New Radio (or NR) Power Amplifier Characterization with NI RFIC Test Software

5G New Radio (or NR) Power Amplifier Characterization with NI RFIC Test Software

NI's RFFE Validation reference solution helps you validate the performance of wideband 5G, LTE, and WLAN RF power amplifiers.  Integrating control of multiple instruments, such as SMUs, AWGs, RF, and Focus Microwaves tuners, you can rapidly bring up your RF power amplifier device under test (DUT).  Take advantage of the RFIC Test Software for validating RF performance interactively with built-in support for the state-of-the-art wideband linearization algorithms – no programming required.  For extensive test coverage, launch ready-to-run automated characterization sequences.

Solution Advantages

"Our engineering teams looked at all the things that were slowing down our characterization process in the lab, and RF measurements using traditional instruments were the most time consuming. By adopting PXI, we were able to significantly improve test throughput without sacrificing measurement quality.”

Ben Thomas, Director, Mobile 5G Business Development, Qorvo

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RFFE Validation Solution Brochure

Discover how NI's RFFE Validation reference solution helps you configure an integrated and tightly synchronized bench to bring up new wideband RF front-ends and perform interactive validation - no programming required.  Learn how you can then transition smoothly onto fully  automated measurement sequences for extensive device characterization.

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