Comprehensively Validate O-RUs for Network Infrastructure

The Open RAN (O-RAN) architecture incorporates disaggregated components with standardized interfaces. While this brings many benefits to interoperability and cost of ownership in network infrastructure, it also presents many unique challenges in development. O-RU chipset and instrument manufacturers need to validate the performance in the lab and efficiently verify each unit while ensuring consistent results through to manufacturing.

A solution for O-RU test must meet the following requirements:


  • Implement real-time, state machine-based emulation of the DU, CU, and core in the live network
  • Incorporate UE emulation or the ability to include any commercial device in the test setup
  • Create different scenarios to emulate real-world conditions and fully test advanced technologies, such as MIMO and beamforming
  • Minimize expensive, non-repeatable, and time-consuming drive testing in the live network with automation and an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)

Open RAN O-RU Test Solution

  • Fully automated single GUI that controls UE, RF channel emulator, RU (DUT), DU, CU, and core (EPC/5GC)
  • Real-time live network emulation for DU, CU, core, and UE and real-time data plotting for data performance (KPI) and over-the-air messages
  • O-RAN Alliance TIFG End-to-End Test Specification Section 4 and 5 functional and performance testing
  • Advanced O-RU Sensitivity Performance Testing for benchmarking O-RU performance and Near-Far Dynamic Range Testing
  • Fully integrated hardware based on the PXI platform for scalable, high-performance instrumentation
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Combine NI and Spirent Expertise for O-RU Test

NI and Spirent are working closely to provide an integrated solution for O-RU test. Spirent is a leader in wireless communications and is a trusted NI systems integrator. Leveraging high-quality instrumentation and combining with robust emulation provides a partnership that enhances O-RU test and development.

Solution Advantages

Watch How to Configure Fully Automated, wraparound O-RU Test

O-DU, O-CU, and Core Emulation for 4G and 5G

Spirent’s O-DU, O-CU, core, and UE emulation provides a thorough test solution for O-RUs. Explore the various system components, how they are controlled from a single GUI, and the ease of fully automating different O-RU test cases.

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O-RU Test Solution Brochure​

​Learn how NI and Spirent’s O-RU test solution can help you quickly and effectively ensure thorough O-RU validation and discover the benefits of combining real-time, state machine-based emulation with superior test speed using high-performance PXI instrumentation.​