What Is a PXI Vector Signal Transceiver?

The PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) combines an RF and baseband vector signal analyzer and generator with a user-programmable FPGA and high-speed serial and parallel digital interfaces for real-time signal processing and control from baseband to mmWave.

Measure from Baseband to mmWave

The PXIe-5831 and PXIe-5842 VSTs can connect to mmWave remote measurement modules, extending frequency coverage up to 54 GHz and offering a complete solution for RF and baseband I/Q test. Sub-nanosecond synchronization and wideband capabilities support 5G mmWave and radar prototyping applications.

Test High Frequency and Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth

With frequency coverage from baseband to mmWave and up to 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth, VSTs are ideally suited for carrier aggregation, digital predistortion, and radar testing.

Perform Fast and Accurate EVM Measurements

The combination of low phase noise, high linearity, and patented IQ calibration enables VSTs to achieve best-in-class EVM performance with higher order modulation schemes.

Optimize RF Front-End Validation

Easy-to-use and customizable DPD algorithms and up to 2 GHz of instantaneous RF bandwidth enables quick and easy implementation of DPD in RFIC characterization.

Perform Pulse Analysis on ESA

The Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) characterization reference architecture’s IP library and VST allow characterization of power amplifiers and transmit/receive modules.

Perform Satellite Link Emulation

Combining a VSA and VSG in a PXI form factor instrument, PXI VSTs can easily integrate with other instruments for both parametric and system level test, such as satellite link emulation.

Signal Generation and Analysis

By pairing the PXIe-5842 VST with NI software like RFmx, RFmx Waveform Creator, and InstrumentStudio™ software, you can generate CW signals, tones, and multi-tones. You can also use the vector signal analyzer capabilities of the VST to perform spectrum analysis.

Application Note

Cross-Correlation for Measuring Error Vector Magnitude

Learn about NI’s patented cross-correlation and fast cross-correlation techniques for industry-leading EVM measurement performance.


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