Achieve Ultrafast 5G mmWave OTA Validation

Engineers working on the validation of 5G mmWave beamforming devices in antenna test chambers must characterize their performance over the air (OTA). They need to configure and run detailed 3D spatial sweeps within a carefully controlled RF environment. However, conducting these spatial sweeps to plot 3D OTA antenna radiation patterns and calibrating beamformer codebooks are time consuming and expensive tasks. Furthermore, running these measurements over a range of temperatures adds a significant layer of complexity.


A solution for OTA validation of 5G mmWave antenna modules and beamforming devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Simplify and accelerate the process of configuring and running extensive, automated OTA test sequences
  • Provide a cost-effective, quiet, and carefully controlled OTA test chamber with high link budget and minimal measurement uncertainty
  • Give engineers detailed measurement results and plots
  • Support devices (DUTs) of various sizes, from small 5G mmWave antenna modules with a few elements to system-level designs with larger arrays
  • Include thermal capabilities to validate DUT performance over large temperature ranges

5G mmWave OTA Validation Reference Architecture

  • Cut OTA validation times from hours to minutes by sweeping in a continuous 3D motion, synchronizing the DUT positioner with the PXIe-5831 PXI Vector Signal Transceiver.
  • Enable interactive use and rapid automation with NI’s mmWave OTA Validation Software.
  • Characterize 5G mmWave antenna patterns over temperature with an RF-transparent thermal enclosure that simplifies OTA test set up and execution.

Solution Advantages

Watch the 5G mmWave OTA Antenna Validation in Action

NI mmWave 5G Over-the-Air Validation Test Reference Architecture

mmWave OTA Results without Programming

Learn how NI’s 5G mmWave OTA Validation Reference Architecture speeds up detailed and accurate 3D sweeps of antenna patterns by five times or more to characterize and validate 5G mmWave beamforming designs in a fraction of the time.

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mmWave OTA Validation Test Solution Brochure

Discover how to cut OTA validation times and cost for mmWave antenna modules and system-level designs.