What is RFmx?

RFmx is a set of interoperable software applications that optimize NI RF instrumentation for general-purpose, cellular, connectivity, and aerospace/defense test applications. RFmx simplifies your signal generation and measurement experience.

Why RFmx?

RFmx streamlines test system development by accelerating setup, measurement, and performance. Soft front panels provide an intuitive interface for connecting to hardware, enabling users to efficiently perform measurements and debug automated tests. Composite measurement functionality and parallelized execution ensure maximum instrument utilization for test time reduction. And with dedicated personalities for conventional spectrum analysis, modulated signals, and standard defined signals (5G New Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), RFmx is tailored to your application. From design to manufacturing test, RFmx helps you achieve your goals faster.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive System—Ensure accurate benchtop results for general purpose and standard defined RF measurements. With RFmx and PXI instrumentation, software and hardware connect for seamless signal generation and analysis.
  • Quick Start—Begin taking measurements out of the box with interactive soft front panels, and generate and modify unlocked waveforms using waveform creation software. Intuitive and easy to use, RFmx streamlines validating test performance and debugging test scenarios.
  • General-Purpose—Gain insight into a wide range of general-purpose signals quickly and easily. Use the SpecAn and Demod personalities for performing conventional spectrum analysis and interacting with a variety of modulated signals.
  • Accelerated Development—Start automation with programming examples for every measurement in LabVIEW and text-based languages. RFmx demystifies complex RF theory with extensive help documentation and a programming reference guide.
  • Standard Compliant—Test multiple wireless standards for cellular, connectivity, and IoT signals. Select the personality of RFmx for your specific application and testing needs.
  • Faster Execution—Complete testing quicker with innate high-speed measurement algorithms and composite measurement functionality. RFmx enables test plan optimization for instrument utilization with native, multi-threaded parallel measurement execution.

Consider Purchasing an RFmx Bundle


RFmx bundles group together RFmx personalities that are commonly used together in many RF test applications. Leverage related personalities for increased measurement capabilities, coverage of new and legacy wireless standards, and simplified licensing in a single, cost-effective package.

RFmx General-Purpose

Save more than 57% 


Recommended for general-purpose RF measurements and spectral analysis.


  • RFmx Noise Figure

  • RFmx Phase Noise

  • RFmx Analog and Digital Modulation

  • Analysis-Only Mode 


RFmx Cellular

Save more than 60%


Recommended for cellular standards-based measurements.


  • RFmx NR

  • RFmx LTE/LTE-Advanced

  • All 2G to 4G legacy standards

  • Analysis-Only Mode 


RFmx Connectivity

Save more than 60%


Recommended for WLAN and Bluetooth standards-based measurements.


  • RFmx WLAN

  • RFmx Bluetooth

  • Analysis-Only Mode


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