What Is the Regenerative AC Load System?

Regenerative AC Load Model 9430

The NI Regenerative AC Load System is a four-quadrant, regenerative AC load that is current-regulated with selectable phase inputs/outputs, has a built-in waveform digitizing measurement system, and can simulate almost any linear or nonlinear load. You can also field upgrade it to higher power.

Regenerative AC Load System Benefits

Simulate in Four Quadrants

The AC load’s unique bidirectional operation in all four quadrants accurately replicates real-world reactive power flows, expanding AC load simulation beyond two-quadrant loads.

Test High Load Input

The HiVAR™ feature allows for testing high reactive load input power without the customary reduction of true power (watts) normally required with conventional loads.

Emulate with Full Control

The AC load operates in several emulation modes including constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CP), and constant apparent power (CS); it also simulates nonideal and transient phase currents.

Program Custom Waveforms

In addition to programmable power and crest factors, the Regenerative AC Load System can create nonlinear waveforms using a unique graphics editor. You can start with a straight line or modify a generated waveform based on current, power, and crest factor.

Regenerative AC Load System Highlights



  • Full-featured four-quadrant AC electronic load
  • Power ratings: 12 kW to 96 kW (varies by option selected)
  • Voltage ratings: 10 VAC to 350 VAC and 10 VDC to 400 VDC
  • Frequency: 30 Hz to 880 Hz
  • Sink power back to facility with >90% efficiency
  • 9" touch panel user interface

Let’s Talk About Your Regenerative AC Load Needs

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