What Is the Regenerative Grid Simulator System?

The NI Regenerative Grid Simulator System offers ultimate flexibility for testing high-power grid-tied applications, with programmable frequency, power scalability up to 1.2 MW, and versatile AC/DC output options. It returns greater than 85 percent of power to the facility.

Regenerative Grid Simulator Benefits

Scale for Future Demands

Available from 100 kW modules up to 1.2 MW for future increased power demands. The same unit can act as the controller or parallel auxiliary unit.

Optimize with Low Latency

Power amplifier mode for power hardware in the loop (PHIL) with low latency at 50μs enables emulation of real-world conditions. Simulate non-ideal phase angles (A-B and A-C).

Emulate any Conditions

True power operating envelope covers the broadest selection of grid-tied products with a single product. Fully emulate any utility/grid condition.

Measure with Accuracy

High-accuracy current measurement increases performance and optimizes testing with built-in galvanic isolation eliminates the need for an external transformer and simplifies test setup.

Regenerative Grid Simulator Highlights



  • Options range from 12 kW to 96 kW
  • Reactive power capability 2.6x true power
  • Output AC voltage ranges: 175, 350 VRMS (L-N)
  • Output frequency: DC, 30 Hz to 100 Hz (option up to 880 Hz)
  • Output DC voltage ranges: 200 VDC, 400 VDC
  • Programmable 1-, 2-, or 3-phase modes
  • 9" touch panel user interface


  • 100 kW power modules, scalable to 1.2 MW
  • Configured as regenerative AC/DC grid simulator or four-quadrant AC load
  • Wide true power operating envelope (voltage and current)
  • Galvanic isolation: output, channel to channel UUT
  • Programmable three-phase, split-phase, or single-phase
  • Highest power density with small footprint
  • Regenerative AC/DC grid simulator and power amplifier optimized for PHIL application

Let’s Talk about Your Regenerative Grid Simulator Needs

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