What Is PAtools™ Software?

PAtools: simplify EV test system automation

PAtools software is a comprehensive test development environment for EV test systems offering hardware integration, streamlined workflow interfaces, pre-built tests and analysis, and real-time reliability.

Streamline Test Station Automation

Modular EV test station for battery testing

PAtools is a comprehensive test bench automation software for battery cell, module, or pack systems, among others. With a user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and advanced data analysis, PAtools elevates product quality in the following ways:

  • Facilitates the development of effective testing procedures for new EV components as e-motor or e-axle components or battery technologies.
  • Enhances result interpretation, leading to improved product design and shorter testing cycles.
  • Boosts accuracy, streamlines procedures, and accelerates product launches.

Design Comprehensive Workflows for All Users

Comprehensive Software Workflows for all persona groups

With PAtools, your entire team can work efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring the success of your automotive testing processes while addressing the unique requirements of each type of user.

  • PAtools’ PAcontroller offers an intuitive interface for smooth operator interaction, reducing errors and enhancing productivity.
  • Advanced visualization tools empower test engineers to monitor and optimize procedures, ensuring precise data and quality.
  • PAconfigurator provides integrators with flexibility, saving time and resources through seamless test architecture adaptation and integration.

Full Test Architecture

Scalability of PAtools from a single test station to a software-connected test field solution

PAtools empowers users with full ownership of test architecture, featuring reconfigurable hardware and software for ultimate testing control:

  • Boosts real-time system utilization and test station uptime for shorter time to market and improved product performance via efficient testing.
  • Supports diverse test stations and equipment integration, catering to customer-specific DUT requirements and testing procedures.
  • Enables data analysis and reporting for seamless collaboration and efficiency across networked test benches and the development lifecycle.