What Is Enerchron™ Software?

Enerchron software is powerful test execution software designed for battery cycling and other data-intensive test applications. It streamlines complex testing, minimizes errors, offers seamless scalability, and enables effortless integration, serving various industries.

Streamline High-Power Testing

High-power test systems with Enerchron test execution software

Enerchron test execution software is a powerful, yet easy-to-use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation.

  • Dramatically reduce software development time
  • Streamline your battery test process and workflow
  • Increase productivity; eliminate errors and repeated tests
  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Reduce stress and testing difficulties
  • Stay on schedule and budget

Simplify Data Reporting and Test Configuration

Enerchron user interface with graphical view

Enerchron’s user-friendly interface simplifies importing test standards and data, configuring reports, and creating flexible test sequences. Its intuitive Test Sequence Editor, with a multitab layout and spreadsheet-style data entry, allows for both simple and complex sequences. This logical development environment requires minimal training for comprehensive test packages.

  • Easily import and run drive cycles
  • Get early access to important data and improve data visualization during test

Eliminate Post-Processing of Battery Data

Battery testing cycle: conventional approach versus Enerchron solution

Engineers usually spend significant time and effort post-processing battery test data. With Enerchron’s variable feature, crucial information is stored and calculated automatically, saving time and resources. Real-time calculations during testing enable quicker decisions based on the unit under test’s behavior.