What Is the Mid-Voltage DC Battery Module Cycler and Emulator?

NI’s Mid-Voltage DC Battery Module Cycler and Emulator stands out as a compact and adaptable solution for battery cycling and emulation. Its feature set encompasses regenerative, scalable power capabilities, catering to the evolving demands of battery testing.

Mid Voltage DC Cycler and Emulator System Benefits

Save Resources

Boasting more than 90 percent power recovery, the system results in significant electrical cost savings and rapid response times.

Expand Range as Needed

You can test power ranges from 12 kW modules up to 252 kW with 40 or 120 V bidirectional DC loads.

Scale Test and Simulation

The system offers a full-function tester per channel with minimal output capacitance to ensure precise battery simulation, and you can include up to three modules per system.

Emulate and Simulate Safely and Precisely

The system offers accurate emulation of real-world conditions, including sub-millisecond transitions, over/undercharged battery simulation, BMS, and failures.

Technical Regenerative Battery Cycler and Emulator System Highlights


Compact Battery Cycler

  • Delivers up to 80 VDC and 400 A in a single unit 

  • Scalable power from 16.5 kW up to 165 kW
  • Regenerative power >90 percent (typical)
  • Fast transient speeds: slew rate <1.5 ms
  • Modes: charge/discharge, load, and battery emulation
  • Power hardware in the loop (PHIL) capability
  • Fully integrated battery cycler


Battery Emulator

  • Delivers 40 V or 120 V bidirectional DC load
  • Power ranges from 12 kW modules up to 252 kW
  • Regenerative power provides high energy efficiency
  • Current, voltage, and mode transitions <1 ms
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting and scope displays
  • Low output capacitance for accurate battery simulation
  • Battery emulation available

Let’s Talk About Your Battery Emulator and Cycler Needs

Contact us now and we’ll have a conversation about meeting your specific regenerative battery emulator and cycler requirements. 

Simplify Testing with Enerchron™ Software and LabVIEW

Enerchron Software


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