What Is the High-Voltage DC Battery Pack Cycler and Emulator?

The NI High-Voltage DC Battery Pack Cycler and Emulator is used as a battery cycler, regenerative, bidirectional DC source, regenerative DC load, high-power DC source, and/or battery DC emulator.

High Voltage DC Cycler and Emulator System Benefits

Save Energy

Regenerative capability with more than 90 percent power recovery leads to significant electrical cost savings.

Scale as Needed

The modular design allows easy field expansion up to 2.4 MW and 8,000 A, ensuring adaptability as testing needs grow.

Test with Versatile Ranges

Dual voltage ranges (1,200 V/167 A and 600 V/333 A at 100 kW) cater to a wide range of testing requirements and fast voltage, current, and mode transition times.

Simulate Realistically

The system safely emulates real-world conditions, including fast transitions, over/undercharged batteries, BMS failures, and more, while standardization lowers the cost of service across applications.

Technical High-Voltage Battery Test System Highlights



  • Right-sized 100 kW modules scalable to 2.4 MW/8,000 A 
  • Wide operating envelope, dual range 600 V, 1200 V 
  • Regenerative power >90 percent energy efficiency
  • Bidirectional DC source and load
  • Current, voltage, and mode transitions <2 ms
  • Battery emulation mode
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting and scope displays


  • Right-sized 600kW modules scalable to 2.4MW
  • Up to 180% overload capacity with fast recovery times
  • Wide operating envelope 0 V to 1,500 V
  • High dynamic DC source and load with energy recovery
  • Optimized operation modes for 400 V/800 V class
  • Output floated and short-circuit proof
  • Voltage, current, or output control
  • Water-cooling system for lower operating noise and low heat transmissions


  • Right-sized 150kW modules scalable to 1.5 MW
  • Wide operating envelope 400 V to 1,500 V 
  • Parallel cycler operation without physical proximity
  • AC and DC overcurrent protection
  • EMI filter
  • Grid interface
  • Modular design and swappable power bricks

Let’s Talk about Your Regenerative High-Voltage Battery Test Systems Needs

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