The PXIe-4190 is the industry's first native LCR meter and SMU. This webinar will explore why it’s ideal for CV/IV measurements.


Test Performance is Business Performance

Best-in-class production test teams don’t just build test stations—they execute against a test strategy that actively supports their company’s performance. Without this, teams can be seen as “just a cost center,” which limits investment. Despite ever-growing coverage requirements, tightening NPI schedules, limiting budgets, and functional globalization, teams are achieving success by using standardized processes, systems, and data to improve development productivity, test station design quality, and operational efficiency.

Build Your Test Strategy

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NI Commitment

Let’s Standardize Your Manufacturing Test

Standardization is a priority for production test teams seeking productivity, quality, and efficiency gain. NI’s open, modular software tools and precision instrumentation are standardized across thousands of factories worldwide—giving confidence to engineers, business leaders, and operators alike.

We reduced test development from months to weeks despite a 2.5X test coverage increase on new products.

Christian Wolf

GN Audio

Testing Medical Devices: A Discussion with Medtronic

NI’s Kyle Voosen interviews Chris Robinson of Medtronic on what it means to engineer ambitiously. Chris describes the challenges his team faces focusing on automated production test of pacemakers and gives insights into the innovations they have implemented to become a best-in-class global manufacturer.

Faster and Leaner Tester Design and Deployment

The only way to get your test systems done in less time is to move faster by eliminating wasteful tasks during the design, deployment, and maintenance of the system. Learn best practices from this automotive application: how to hit your production test development deadlines, every time.