New regulations for autonomous and electric vehicles require higher quality. Our webinar explains how to optimize ECU manufacturing test.

Electronic Control Unit Functional Test

An NI engineer works on the ECU Test System

NI Accelerates ECU Functional Test

Three functional test engineers review output data from their ECU test system

  • Confidently meet your test milestones, launch dates, and quality KPIs.
  • Achieve leaner maintenance, training, and deployment operations.
  • Maximize your test throughput.
  • Simplify your test development work.
  • Ensure successful standardization and lean manufacturing.
A functional test engineer saves time using NI ECU Test System


Deliver ECU Functional Testers Faster

The NI ECU Test System (ECUTS) is a configurable, out-of-the-box functional test solution that combines NI software, hardware, and services to ensure your success. Designed to help you focus on value-added production test tasks, this system helps you reduce time and resource waste during implementation as well as move faster to meet your deadlines and time-to-market goals.

ECUTS Brochure

ECU Test System Architecture

High-performance Instrumentation

Side view of PXI input and output modules

PXI technology provides high-throughput data transfer and tight synchronization with integrated timing and triggering. Configure dozens of PXI instruments and I/O modules such as digital multimeters, source measure units, power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, isolated analog input/analog output modules, and digital input/output modules.

Production-compatible Core Rack

Front view of IEC 61340-5-1 compliant racks in 24U and 40U form factors

Racks are more than enclosures. NI rack solutions feature 24U and 40U form factors, gray paint that complies with electrostatic discharge (ESD) control standards (IEC 61340-5-1), and safety, mechanical, and power components ideal for your production needs.

Powerful Application Software

Screenshot of NI TestStand software

NI software options for ECU test include TestStand for test plan implementation and parallel testing, InstrumentStudio™ for higher abstraction to configure and debug test steps, and Switch Executive to manage signal routing.

Switch, Load, and Signal Conditioning

Front view of NI SLSC

NI Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) hardware provides front-end modules for load switching and management. It eliminates point-to-point wiring which reduces both signal routing complexity and the risk of mistakes.

See the ECU Test System in Action

Explore the ECU Test System’s components and software, and discover how this system can help you save development time, maximize throughput, and increase optimization through standardization when testing automotive ECUs.

Faster Deployment

Use a functional test system with the I/O you need and a consistent software toolchain for test plan development, debugging, deployment, and upkeep. Also achieve parallel test capability out of the box for a wide range of ECUs.

Leaner Operation

Deploy and operate end-of-line testers efficiently and reliably while using NI global service programs, training, and maintenance tools to reduce your risk of production downtime.

Scalability for Any Test Needs

Take advantage of a standardized starting point for hardware, reuse test modules and sequences, and add third-party or customized components to meet your specific ECU test needs now and in the future.

Sustainable Execution

Achieve results faster and more confidently with the ECU Test System’s maintenance and diagnostic tools, bring-up services, training, and development software that improve the experience for both test engineers and operators.

NI’s ECUTS is the only system we could find in the market that met our aggressive schedule for deploying production testers for our ECUs. Everything from the initial configuration, delivery at our site, and the bring up service, was significantly faster, so we had more time to focus on our test plan implementation and make our project successful.

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NI Partners have deep knowledge of NI as well as with production, powertrain, and other test expertise to implement the final integration of your ECU functional test solution.

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