Evaluate Battery Cell Quality for Electronic and Medical Devices

As the market grows for personal, patient, and IoT devices, the importance of a battery test strategy that ensures the longevity and accuracy for these devices also grows. As the first point that can determine the validity and lifespan of the battery, it's important to maintain a detailed yet fast strategy for cell quality test that fits the environment of high-volume manufacturing. Growing complexities from regulation and added functionality increase the burden when maintaining clean test fixtures that provide easily processible data. To meet the high standards of electronics and patient devices, a battery cell quality test must:


  • Perform different tests like open-circuit voltage (OCV), AC internal resistance and impedance (AC-IR/EIS), leakage, and capacity
  • Shorten test times to meet production volume without compromising compliance and end quality
  • Make precise measurements that can minimize subsequent battery degradation and substandard operating conditions
  • Monitor test data continuously to drive analysis and insight that improves output and efficiency

Electronic and Medical Device Battery Cell Quality Test Solution

  • PXI provides small form factor and comprehensive I/O that allows for quick and highly accurate test.
  • The source measurement unit (SMU) provides repeatable and precise measurement and current sourcing for AC-IR/EIS, capacity, and leakage tests.
  • The digital multimeter (DMM) performs fast and precise voltage measurements for OCV test.
  • The LCR meter can provide testing for higher frequency needs up to 2 MHz.
  • NI’s multiplexers effectively scale the system to 32 or 64 channels depending on the type of test, for maximum coverage in a smaller footprint.
  • Production test software—like TestStand, SystemLink™ software for systems management, and InstrumentStudio™ software for extended monitoring and debugging capabilities—provides quick integration with NI PXI hardware.

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