Electronics Functional Test

Test engineers must build performance- and cost-optimized systems while developing quickly to meet demanding new product introduction (NPI) schedules. When building or buying a test system, remember that the best solutions scale to meet escalating requirements, simplify development, and improve sustainability.

Standardized Test Automation Frameworks

The increasing complexity of electronic products is pressuring engineering teams to deliver more intricate test systems while meeting short NPI schedule expectations. These pressures are compounded by a more competitive manufacturing market, where cost savings from operational excellence can be the difference between leading the market and struggling to compete. To combat these pressures, best-in-class engineering groups are standardizing their approaches to test with reusable frameworks of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. This is helping them accelerate development while ensuring future scalability. Serving manufacturers directly and through integration partners, NI has been a leader in test for over 40 years. NI’s platform approach to test combines high-performance instrumentation with test development, sequencing, and management software tools to ensure you meet your specifications, time to market schedules, and budgets.

PXI Platform Resource Kit

Learn the basics of using the PXI platform for automated test system development with architectural notes, relevant case studies, and performance metrics.

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The NI Partner Network is a global community of domain, application, and overall test development experts working closely with NI to meet the needs of the engineering community. NI Partners are trusted solution providers, systems integrators, consultants, product developers, and services and sales channel experts skilled across a wide range of industries and application areas.