Key Resources for Access to Enterprise Agreement Training Credits


NI Enterprise Agreements include training credits to increase proficiency, promote team collaboration, and shorten development time. A training credit approver is required from your company to ensure the training credits are used appropriately. This white paper serves as a resource to help the training credit approver succeed.



What is NI Training?

Reduce time to market and project risk through faster learning and increased productivity with NI products. NI Customer Education provides a variety of learning experiences for both new and knowledgeable users. Discover best practices to improve code reuse and application extensibility, whether developing alone or with a team. NI Customer Education can be experienced through the medium that meets your budget, time frame, and skill level.

  1. Instructor led training is offered in classroom or virtual offerings.
  2. Online training is also available for those that prefer to go at their own pace.


What is a Training Credit Approver? 

A Training Credit Approver is a identified contact at your company that will manage and approve the use of training credits included in an Enterprise Agreement. They will ultimately be the contact that works with NI's Customer Education team to get the process started for scheduling courses. Other contacts at your company can help with the coordination of courses, usually onsites, as long as the training credit approver has given approval to move forward. 


Who is my Training Credit Approver? 

If you are an end user of NI software and training and are not sure who your training credit approver is, please email to find out. 


Key Training Resources for Planning Training Credit Use

The below resources can help you, the training credit approver at a company with an Enterprise Agreement, plan and prioritize the use of your training credits.

  1. You can find the credit value of each training course on the course product page. If you have existing credits, please refer to Legacy Training Credit Amounts
  2. Both you and end users can learn about NI's training formats.
  3. The course catalog outlines all our training course offerings, or you can explore all options in our online course catalog.
  4. Users can follow application learning paths, discover new skills and best practices, and test themselves with free learning assessments through the NI Badge Program.

Training credits are typically used for local training courses near an end user or onsite at your company, however, some courses are offered virtually with a live instructor.


How to Request to Use Your Training Credits

All requests for instructor-led training should go through you, the training credit approver. Once you have approved a request, send it to for registration. The graphics below help to outline the process from an end user expressing interest through registration.

Request process for local training courses (regional courses in your area or virtual courses):

Request process for onsite courses at your company:

The process to redeem NIWeek passes included in Enterprise Agreements is the same as redeeming training credits. A training credit approver should contact with any approved requests for utilization of NIWeek passes.