Course Formats

NI offers training courses in several formats, including instructor-led and self-paced options. Whether it’s a class held at a local facility, on-site at your office, or in a virtual classroom, you can select a delivery format to accommodate your learning preferences.

Types of Customer Education Courses

On-demand Training

NI understands that you may not have the time or resources to participate in an instructor-led training program. NI on-demand training is a cost-effective alternative that is accessible 24 hours a day from with your user profile information. Each on-demand training course contains multimedia training modules that cover the same topics as the corresponding instructor-led course, interactive quizzes to test your understanding, and challenging exercises and their solutions. Use on-demand training for a quick refresher on technical topics or to prepare for an upcoming certification exam.

Virtual Training

Eliminate travel costs and time away from work while benefiting from live instruction. With virtual training courses, only half the day is devoted to training, so you can increase the skill you need for your job, get hands-on experience with software, and minimize the impact on your schedule. NI instructors use a virtual classroom environment to present learning material and demonstrate functionality. Get immediate answers to your questions and complete course exercises from your desk using a remote development system configured with the hardware and software required for the course.

Classroom Training

Classroom training is considered the most effective form of learning. Attending a class requires an investment of time and effort, but the rewards are significant. The classroom environment removes you from the distractions of everyday work so you can focus on improving your development skills. With NI classroom training, you have the opportunity to interact with an experienced certified instructor in person and discuss ideas and problems with your peers and colleagues.

Private Classroom or Virtual Training

Private classroom or virtual training is a cost-effective solution if your organization has several employees who need to develop the skills to effectively use NI products. Private classroom or virtual courses deliver the classroom learning experience to your company’s facilities and eliminate travel and hotel expenses. They also give you the opportunity to focus on key topics or challenges for your team. A dedicated customer education specialist works with your organization to ensure a productive and smooth learning experience.

Compare Customer Education Course Formats

 On-DemandPublic & Private VirtualPublic ClassroomPrivate Classroom
Purchase Options
Available for Individual Purchase    
Included with Software PurchaseWith Active Software ServiceWith NI Software Suites and MembershipWith NI Software Suites and MembershipNot Included
Optional Services
Live Instructor    
Network with Peers    
Access to Hardware for Exercises Remote AccessHands-On AccessHands-On Access
Escape Office Distractions    
Content and Timing Catered to Your Needs    
Avoid Travel Expenses    
Training Material
Participant Guide    
Hands-on Exercises    
Multimedia Modules for Reference    
Concept Review Quizzes    
Training Length
Full-Day Class (8 Hours per Day)    
Half-Day Classes (4-6 Hours per Day)    
On-Demand (24 Hours/7 Days)    

How to Buy Training

Training Membership

Interested in multiple training courses or exams? Available in six-month, one-year, and two-year options, membership is a cost-effective way to take all the training you need.

Education Services Credits

Purchase education services credits now and redeem them later for any training or certification offering. Valid for one year, credits can be applied to anyone, not just the purchaser.

Individual Courses

Already know the course or certification you need and when you would like to take it? View the training catalog now.

Buy Software, Get Training

An active software subscription license or service agreement includes 24/7 access to online training.