NI Phone Menu

NI offers a range of services through our online phone support. Use the following prompts to quickly connect to the option you need.


If you know the NI employee's extensionEnter the 7-digit extension number
Sales and Quotes

Quotes, product pricing, or typical lead times

New quote, quote modifications, search for a part number, product pricing, typical lead times

Press 1, then 1

Recommendation on products, systems, or solutions before buying

Technical information for a product, system, or solution, product compatibility, system configuration

Press 1, then 2
Order-Related Information

Status of an order

Order status, documentation resend

Go to the Order Status page or press 2, then 1

Modify an order or return a product

Order modification, order cancellation, product returns

Press 2, then 2
Services and Technical Support

Existing service requests

Provide technical support in active service requests

Press 3, then enter the 8-digit number

New service requests for technical support

Create a service request case for technical support

Go to the Service Request Manager; or press 3, then 1

Software activation

Single- or multiseat software activation

Go to the Activation wizard; or press 3, then 2

Repair, calibration, or replacement

Product repair, calibration, or replacement

Press 3, then 3

Hardware service agreements

Standard Service Program, Premium Service Program, Premium Plus Service Program

Press 3, then 4

Software service agreements

Single-seat and multiseat agreement inquiries

Press 3, then 5
Any Other QuestionPress 0